Obesity Solutions For Women On The Go

Because two of the key contributors to obesity are controllable issues–diet and a lack of exercise– obesity solutions, for even the busiest woman, are within your grasp! Start by readjusting your focus from depriving yourself to consuming what your body needs. As a busy woman, you’re great at getting the job done (not focusing on the obstacles that slow you down).

Eat Often

You’re probably too busy for three large meals a day, so don’t force it. Plan for lots of small, energy-boosting low calorie snacks like almonds, nuts, low sugar breakfast cereals, fruits and vegetables. Plan ahead and make it diverse so you’re not bored with your choices. Include foods rich in vitamin B2 (like skim milk) that help breakdown carbs and fats, converting them into the energy you need.

Move Your Body

Look for hidden opportunities for physical exercise, and add some strength training that builds muscle and boosts metabolism.

  • Take the stairs every chance you get.
  • Combine an outdoor activity with family or social time to boost weekly exercise.
  • Look for opportunities to walk instead of taking the car.
  • Grab some resistance bands, and use your break time for muscle strengthening mini-workouts.

Load Up on Fruits, Vegetables and Calcium

The American Cancer Society suggests 9 servings of vegetables and fruit for cancer fighting and prevention. Concentrate on getting your nine servings before choosing other snacks. You’ll end the day with a goal in mind, not feeling deprived!

And Calcium, found in leafy green veggies and broccoli, also help boost metabolism. Calcium isn’t just great for strong teeth and bones, it also helps prevent osteoporosis and some cancers as well as boost metabolism. Trade your morning coffee or soda break for a snack rich in calcium like low fat yogurt or mozzarella cheese.

Drink 8 Glass of Water a Day

Water reduces the feeling of hunger, helps boost metabolism and facilitates essential toxin removal. Drinking a glass before meals can also help you reduce portion sizes.

In severe cases where obesity surgery is needed (and requires down-time), physicians are recommending a lap band that is less invasive, but helps reduce the size of the stomach and helps you reduce portion sizes.


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