Obesity Risk Factors For Women

Currently, more than 34% of American women fall into the obese category and are compromising their health with serious obesity risk factors. While we all want to be fit and look great, the struggle for women in these obesity statistics is much more critical. The consequences of obesity include:

Fertility and Pregnancy Complications

Getting pregnant and successfully delivering a full-term baby places very high demands on a woman’s body.

  • Obesity can compromise the body’s normal reproductive abilities. Complications of obesity can reduce fertility by inhibiting regular ovulation.
  • During pregnancy, obesity can lead to hypertension, gestational diabetes and even some birth defects like spina bifida.
  • During delivery, obesity can make vaginal delivery too difficult and contribute to a higher risk for c-sections.
  • After delivery, obese patients have a higher rate of UTI’s and difficulty with wound healing.

Type II Diabetes

Obesity (especially added weight in the belly area) can lead to insulin resistance or insensitivity. Patients with insulin insensitivity do not process glucose and insulin properly, and store excess fat in their trunk area, around their vital organs. Type II Diabetes can develop from this condition, requiring medical intervention, including daily insulin injections.

Coronary Heart Disease

Because of the excessive stores of fat that retain unhealthy toxins, put additional stress on the circulatory system and overwork the heart, obesity patients become at high risk for coronary heart disease and the complications associated with it like:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • High cholesterol
  • Stroke


Obesity has been found to increase the risk of osteoarthritis and joint pain in the hands, back, hips, knees and neck. Because of the impact of excessive weight on the joints, patients often suffer from deterioration in joint cartilage, poor fluid circulation and inflammation.

Certain Types of Cancer

Studies have find a correlation between obesity (and the lack of exercise that’s typically complicated by a poor diet) and an increase in certain types of cancer for women including:

  • breast
  • endometrium
  • colon
  • esophagus
  • kidney

More recently, some studies are even indicating that cancer of the ovaries, gallbladder and pancreas may also be linked to obesity.




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