Nutritious Movie Snacks at Home

Going to the movies is a fun event, but with the cost of tickets and movie snacks, it can be costly to both your wallet and your waistline. Before going to the movies, prepare your snacks beforehand to save yourself some unnecessary calories. A large purse will work great to bring in a few things for the movie.


A large tub of popcorn is a huge culprit for calories and fat. This tub will carry 76 grams of fat and 1,100 calories, almost the full amount you should have in one day. Bring your own popcorn. There is low fat, low calorie popcorn that can be made in the microwave. Individual serving size packs work great for this and come in at about 100 calories (and are 94% fat free).

Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a great snack and are easy to prepare. An apple can be cut into slices, or baby carrot sticks in bags can be purchased. These will fit easily into a purse. There are also individual serving sizes of dips that can be purchased to go with the fruits or vegetables.

Candy Counter

If you need to purchase something at the movie theater, there are a few choices that are healthy. A bag or pretzels or peanuts will be the best choice. If candy is a must have, pick Junior Mints, Good & Plenty or Twizzlers. These are low fat, but they do have a bit of sugar in them. Avoid the soda and opt for a bottle of water to save on calories.

A night at the movies is a treat for everyone, but a trip to the candy counter can be harsh on any diet. Bring along a healthy option or choose a good one at the theater, and you will be able to enjoy the movie and not worry about what is going in your mouth.


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