Nutritional Value of Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are an ingredient that is found in many Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. They have a soft butter-like texture and have a delicious nut-like taste. There are many reasons why the garbonzo bean is considered to be healthy and nutritious, including their protein content levels. You can buy them in both canned and dried form, and they can be made into many dishes. They are filled with fiber that is known to lower cholesterol. You can even combine rice and whole grains with garbonzo beans in order to complete an almost completely fat-free and high quality protein. There are even more things that garbonzo beans have to offer, and the list of health benefits is almost endless.

High in Fiber

Having a lot of fiber is useful for many health reasons. Not only will it keep you regular, but it also keeps the blood sugar levels from raising to a dangerously high level too quickly after eating food. Those with diabetes, hypoglycemia and insulin resistance will find garbonzo beans as the perfect addition to their diet when looking at it from a health standpoint. Both soluble and insoluble dietary fibers can be found within garbanzo beans. The job of soluble fiber is the process of forming a substance within the digestive tract that is gel-like in nature and will keep bile out of the body. Prevention of constipation and the increase in stool bulk is what insoluble fiber does, as well as helping to keep the body free from digestive disorders such as diverticulosis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Trace Mineral

There is a trace mineral known as molybdenum that can be found in significant quantities within garbanzo beans. This trace mineral is an essential part of an enzyme known as sulfite oxidase, something that is responsible for keeping sulfites clean and detoxifying them. Sulfites are a preservative that is generally added to prepared foods such as salads, salad bars and delicatessen foods. If you have ever had a problem with sensitivity to sulfites or a poor reaction to them, then it’s possible that your molydbenum stores are deficient and cannot detoxify them.

Lowers Risk of Heart Attack

Research that has followed more than one race in more than one region has found the there is an 82 percent minimization in the risk of heart attack. Another study provided information leading to the conclusion that you can reduce your risks of heart disease by eating foods that are high in fiber like garbanzo beans.
These are only a few of the health benefits of garbanzo beans. Other benefits include health factors such as lowering cholesterol, giving the body a significant amount of folate and magnesium, giving your body energy and keeping your blood pressure stable. In conclusion, garbanzo beans are beneficial for the heart, as well as the digestive system and in turn the entire body.

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