NutriSystem: Myths and Facts

NutriSystem is a popular diet system where the food is sent directly to your home. All of the thinking, planning, preparing and counting is done for you. All you do is order the products and prepare them once they arrive to you. Some people are skeptical and are not convinced that this diet is really as simple as the claims state and that there is more to this diet system.

Myth:  NutriSystem is a Hard Diet to Follow

Fact: This diet system is very simple because all of the hard work has been taken out of the equation. All of the food is already frozen, portion sized, and packaged before it arrives at your home. There is no need to measure anything out, there is no need to count calories and there is no need to worry about anything but preparing the food. The hardest part of this diet system is deciding which meal to eat when that time comes.

Myth: Weight Loss with NurtiSystem will be Slow

Fact: NutriSystem is a program that has been thoroughly researched and studied before it went public. By doing the NutriSystem diet plan, it can be expected that a weight loss of between one and three pounds is normal for a week. This is also the safe and healthy range for weight loss of any type. If weight loss is to be done properly, it is a slow process. Studies show that weight that is lost slowly has higher chances of staying off permanently. NutriSystem is designed with that concept in mind. Weight will be lost slowly, so if a faster amount of weight loss is needed, this may not be the system for you.

Myth:  NutriSystem is an Expensive Diet Plan

Fact: In comparison to all of the types of diet plans available, such as meetings, books, videos, etc., NutriSystem is one of the more expensive ones. A month of food will cost about $300. That price includes everything that is needed for the food.  All you do is go to the website, place an order and the food is shipped to you. There are no offices to go to for support, but there is a hotline that can be called if there are questions. This price can seem a bit steep, but there is no other food shopping that needs to be done in that month. When the time comes to get new food, all you have to do is go to the website and place another order. While this diet system may be pricey, all of the preparation work that needs to be done is already completed for you. 

NutriSystem is one of many types of diet plans available. This is a simple plan with all of the hard work taken out. Since everything is prepackaged and no additional preparation is required, there is a price that goes along with it. This diet was designed to make weight loss as simple as possible.


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