[Number] Natural Supplements for Your Thyroid

Keeping your thyroid healthy is a very important part of your overall wellness. Your thyroid affects your weight, energy level and several important body systems. If you’re interested in keeping your thyroid healthy or in improving a thyroid problem you have, there are several natural supplements that can help.

1. Licorice

Licorice and licorice root are popular, time-tested supplements. They’ve been used for hundreds if not thousands of years for a number of maladies. Licorice helps the body produce the hormones it needs in order to metabolize correctly. Additionally, it works with the cortisol problems that a thyroid problem can cause. Licorice, when taken regularly, prolongs the life of the cortisol your body produces. You’ll also notice your energy and exuberance returning, since people use licorice for general wellness and more energy.

2. Vitamin D

Although you may already be getting vitamin D in your multivitamin, that may not be enough if you have a thyroid disorder. Vitamin D is very important for those with thyroid disorders. It assists the pituitary gland in thyroid hormone production. It’s especially important to consider this natural supplement if you do not get out in the sun very often. You only need about 20 minutes a day of sunlight to get the vitamin D you need, but if you don’t go outside often or live in a place where sun exposure is rare, a supplement can help.

3. Amino Acids

As you probably know if you have researched thyroid problems, a large part of a thyroid disorder is production of the thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone is made up of an amino acid, along with iodine. As a result, taking amino acid supplements is one of the quickest ways to a healthy thyroid. Tyrosine is the amino acid involved in the thyroid hormone, but don’t just take a tyrosine supplement; a general amino acid supplement has been demonstrated to have better results.

4. Zinc

Hypothyroidism is the more common of the two main thyroid disorders; about 80% of those with a thyroid disorder have hypothyroidism. Zinc, while not a good supplement for hyperthyroidism sufferers, is excellent for those with hypothyroidism. It works with the production and conversion of the thyroid hormone. Additionally, it triggers the pituitary gland to produce more thyroid hormone. If you decide to take zinc, consult with your doctor about a copper supplement. The mixture of copper and zinc is important for those who are trying to keep their thyroid healthy, so you need the copper to help the zinc work.

5. Selenium

Selenium is a very important mineral supplement you’ll want to use in order to keep your thyroid healthy. It works within the thyroid gland to stimulate the creation of the thyroid hormone; after that, it converts the inactive form of the thyroid hormone to the active form.


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