3 Grocery Store Traps and How to Avoid Them

There are a number of grocery store traps that many of us would not even think of. They do this to make money. By being a smart shopper, you can avoid these traps and leave the grocery store with the healthy and cheaper items that you intended to buy in the first place.

1. Sale Items

Watch out for the items on sale. Check the regular price and the sale price, because sometimes the sales price is not even a sale. Check the ounces or the weight of the product you are purchasing. Sometimes they will price the smaller packaging at a discount. The product may be available in a bigger size for just a few cents more. This gives you more product for your money. Also check the ‘Sell By’ date on the package to make sure that it’s not going to expire before you use it. The stores may put things on sale trying to get rid of them before they go bad.

2. The Middle Aisles

The things we most often need from the store are on the outside perimeter, such as meats, produce, milk and so on. These are all of the fresh foods that are good for us. The middle aisles contain all of the prepackaged or processed foods. By sticking to the outside of the store you are getting the fresh food needed for us to stay healthy and stick to our diets. In the middle aisles, the packaged foods are full of sodium and additives that are not good for us. Buying fresh foods, we also get more per serving. This will save you money, especially if you have a large family.

3. The Checkout

The checkout stand is another tricky way the grocery stores can get our money and tempt us to stray from our diets. By the time you finish your grocery shopping, you may be getting hungry. At the checkout stand there are candy bars and soda pop that tempt us. Be strong and resist the temptations. They also get us to spend more money by placing the magazines and movies by the checkout stands. While we wait in line, we’re then tempted to grab a magazine and start flipping through it. If you see something you like in the magazine, it gets thrown into the cart for purchase.

By making a grocery list and sticking to it you can avoid buying extra unnecessary items. Before you head to the store, go through your cabinets and decide what you need and make a list. Using a meal planner is also a good idea. When you’re at the store you can get everything you need to make the week’s meals. This will avoid unnecessary trips to the store, saving you time and money. Remember when you get to the grocery store to avoid the traps and purchase only what is on your list.


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