[Number] Fitness Benefits of Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are becoming more popular than ever as a way to get fit. They come in all weight sizes and styles. Fitness gurus are using these types of weights in their routines. They’re easy to use and put on. If you’re thinking about new ways to exercise or spice up your workout, here are four fitness benefits of ankle weights.

1. Increase Stamina, Get Maximum Results

You need stamina to go the extra mile in your workout. Stamina is the ability to go for long periods of time. It’s something you need if you want to lose weight. Ankle weights increase your stamina by making your muscles work harder. This benefits you by speeding up your weight loss.

When you incorporate any type of weights into your workout, you get maximum results. The more you challenge your body, the better the end results will be. Ankle weights help you accomplish this by adding more challenges to your legs. Your legs need to be strong to carry your weight. You continuously walk throughout the day. Your legs become tired from this use. By strengthening your leg muscles you increase your ability to perform everyday tasks easily and more proficiently.

2. Tone Leg Muscles

Using ankle weights is a great way to tone your legs. Muscle has the tendency to weaken over time. You start to see more fat in this area as well. Ankle weights help you sculpt the muscles in your legs by building them. You see more pronounced calf and thigh muscles.

3. Increase Circulation

Circulation is one of the biggest factors in cardiovascular and strength exercises. It affects your heart health in more ways than one. Without good circulation, you increase your chances of heart attacks and strokes. A good circulation also prevents blood clots and varicose veins in your legs. Ankle weights help to do this by forcing your blood to circulate more. The blood travels from your ankles to every organ of your body. Your circulating blood delivers oxygen to your organs, as well.

4. Strengthen Core

Use ankle weights to strengthen your core. Your core consists of all your abdominal and back muscles. You increase your core strength by completing crunches or sit ups with ankle weights. It benefits you by toning and sculpting all of these muscles. You get better results from your abdominal exercises. Remember to tighten your abdominal muscles when doing any core exercises, especially with weights. This prevents injury.


Ankle weights can be used in gym exercises and cardiovascular routines. They are great additions to any workout plan, but there are some things you should know before using them. If you have joint problems or pain after using ankle weights, you should discontinue use. Avoid using weights that are too heavy or strenuous on your legs, ankles or back. Only choose weights that match your fitness level, and increase the weight as you become stronger.


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