Northwoods Diet

The Northwoods Diet was developed by David Bernlohr, an obesity researcher and professor at the University of Minnesota. Bernlohr said he’d fallen into the traditional American habits of skipping breakfast, eating too much during the day, and eating too late at night. So he created a diet for himself, that he jokingly dubbed the “Northwoods Diet,” poking fun at the fad diet industry and the popular South Beach diet. He lost 40 pounds in six months on his diet.

His eating plan: Three meals a day with smaller portions and no food after 7:30 p.m. He starts with a carbohydrate-heavy breakfast such as cold cereal or oatmeal. He said the carbs stimulate production of insulin, a hormone that helps cells convert blood sugar to energy. Lunch is a transitional meal with both carbs and protein, often pizza. Dinner is heavier on protein, including meat, vegetables and salads. His rule against eating later in the evening adds to the time the body is naturally fasting _ when he’s sleeping.

Bernlohr didn’t add exercise to his plan because he was already very active, walking a lot and sometimes biking every day. As with any diet plan, exercise is recommended.

Breakfast: A carbohydrate rich meal such as oatmeal or cereal.

Lunch: Protein, fats, and carbs. Bernlohr usually ate fruit (any kind) at lunch, and even had pizza – just one slice

Dinner: Protein, vegetables, and salads.

Snacks: Bernlohr ate peanuts, chocolate, and beer


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