New Beverly Hills Diet

The New Beverly Hills Diet was developed by Judy Mazel. It’s an adaptation of the original Beverly Hills Diet, which was published in 1981 and is considered one of the first fad diets. Mazel used the original Beverly Hills Diet to lose her excess weight and maintain a healthy weight throughout her life, until she died at the age of 63 from the complications of peripheral vascular disease.

The Premise

The New Beverly Hills Diet is less extreme than its predecessor, but is based on the same principles. The New Beverly Hills Diet uses the theory of food combining, which states that eating your nutrients in the right combinations promotes fat burning and weight loss.

The Diet

The New Beverly Hills Diet requires dieters to follow the principles of food combining. Proteins should be eaten at the same time as fats; carbohydrates and fats may be eaten in combination; and fruit should be eaten alone.

Breakfast on this diet consists of only fruit. Dieters should eat only one type of fruit at a time and should wait one hour before switching to another type of fruit. They should wait two hours after eating fruit before eating any other foods. During the 35-day initiation period, dieters will eat only fruit on many days.

Once you’ve eaten a meal based on protein, fats and carbohydrates, you’re not to eat any more fruit for the remainder of the day. If your meals are carbohydrate based, you may continue to eat as many carbs as you like for the rest of the day–until you eat protein. Once a protein-based meal has been eaten, all subsequent meals that day should consist of at least 80% protein. You’re allowed one “free” meal per day in which you’re allowed to combine protein and carbohydrates in any ratio you like.

What to Get Excited Over

The New Beverly Hills Diet is great for people who like fruit, and it promotes a greatly increased level of fruit consumption, which can have health benefits. The meals are simple to prepare and the plan includes 35 days’ worth of recipes to help dieters through the initiation phase. You don’t need to count calories or control portions on this diet, and there are no forbidden foods.

Things to Consider

The New Beverly Hills Diet requires dieters to eat only fruit on many days during the initiation phase. The initiation phase severely restricts calories, nutrients, vitamins and minerals; you could risk protein and mineral deficiency. The New Beverly Hills Diet isn’t supported by scientific research, and there’s no evidence that the theory of food combining for weight loss is valid.

The New Beverly Hills Diet can be confusing and difficult to follow. It doesn’t teach dieters how to maintain a healthy diet or exercise program for sustained weight loss. 

The Verdict

The New Beverly Hills Diet can help you lose weight, but that’s because it severely restricts calories during the initiation phase. You’re likely to gain that weight back later.


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