New Beverly Hills Diet: Pros and Cons

The new Beverly Hills diet is based on the original Beverly Hills diet introduced in the 1980s. It is believed to be the first fad diet. The diet is based on an assumption that different food types digest at different speeds, and by eating only like food types, you can prevent weight gain.

How Does the New Beverly Hills Diet Work?

You begin each day by eating only fruit. According to the diet, fruits digest in 15 to 20 minutes. You can eat as much fruit as you like until you eat something that is carbohydrate-based, such as bread. Once you eat any non-fruit carbohydrates, you can no longer eat any fruit for the rest of the day. From that point on you can only eat foods with carbs until you eat something with protein. The rest of the day requires that you only eat meals with at least 80% protein.

Pros of the New Beverly Hills Diet

  • The new Beverly Hills diet promotes eating fruits and vegetables, which are necessary for good health.
  • Fruit lovers will especially be attracted to this diet due to its emphasis on fruits.
  • Foods prepared on this diet are simple and easy to make.
  • The diet provides an entire menu for the 35 days of the diet.
  • It is not required to keep track of calories.
  • The diet does not forbid any types of food.
  • The food on the diet is low calorie and low fat.

Cons of the New Beverly Hills Diet

  • The new Beverly Hills diet is a fad diet that is not based on any scientific evidence.
  • Some days on the diet only encourage eating fruits, which will not offer the proper nutrition you need for a balanced diet.
  • Certain fruits recommended on the diet may not be available in certain area or during certain times of the year.
  • The diet contains complex rules, which can be confusing and hard to follow for the average dieter.
  • The diet does not promote exercise, which is important for long term weight loss.
  • Weight loss occurs mostly from lack of calories than from any claim the diet has about different types of foods. The low calorie content of the diet can cause your metabolism to slow and muscle mass to decrease, which will actually make it harder to lose weight in the future.
  • Since the diet does not educate dieters about proper nutrition or exercise, weight gain is likely to reoccur once the dieter is no longer on the new Beverly Hills diet.
  • This diet is not balanced properly and could lead to certain nutritional deficiencies that will lead to further health complications down the road.

Fad diets, such as this, promise quick results for little effort and do not back up their information with any scientific evidence. They usually operate because of different reasons than the creator claims, and actually lead to worse health problems down the road. The best way to sustain long-term weight loss is by eating a balanced diet and achieving a proper amount of activity and exercise. Talk to your doctor before beginning any new weight-loss program.


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