New Beverly Hills Diet Plan

The New Beverly Hills Diet is an updated version of the original Beverly Hills Diet. Like its predecessor, it focuses on forgoing certain combinations of foods and choosing to eat the right foods at optimal times.

Judy Mazel, author of both the original “Beverly Hills Diet” and the “New Beverly Hills Diet” writes that people don’t put on too much weight because of the types of foods they eat. According to Mazel, it’s not even the amount a person eats that causes her to pack on the pounds. Instead, she claims that the problem lies with eating at the wrong times and consuming the wrong combinations of foods. Read on to learn more about the New Beverly Hills Diet:

1. Less Extreme

The New Beverly Hills diet is less restrictive than the original version. The first 42 days of the original diet were rather extreme and may have been harder for dieters to follow. In fact, it involved consuming only fruit for several days. The newer version provides an easier onset and incorporates a balanced weekly diet.

2. Promotes Better Digestion

According to this diet’s creator, mixing too many different food groups together can interfere with the proper digestion of food. Rather than the fat in food or even the consumption of too many calories, she asserts that it is this inefficient digestion that leads to unwanted weight gain. To avoid this, individuals on this diet are supposed to eat proteins with other proteins or with fats, carbohydrates with other carbs or fats, and fruit by itself.

3. Timing Weight Loss

Timing is a major part of the New Beverly Hills Diet. Dieters are supposed to start their day with fruit for breakfast, and they’re allowed to eat as much fruit as they want. However, they are only supposed to consume one kind of fruit at a time. They are also supposed to wait an hour before consuming a different kind of fruit and two hours before moving on from eating fruit to a different food group.

As the day goes on and dieters move on from eating fruit to consuming carbohydrates, fats, or proteins, they are not supposed to eat fruit again for the rest of the day. If the meal following breakfast contains carbohydrates, dieters are allowed to eat as many carbohydrates as they like for the rest of the day, at least until they eat protein. Once they’ve eaten protein, even something as small as a few drops of milk in tea or coffee, the rest of her meals for the day are supposed to consist of 80 percent or more protein.

4. Free Meal Each Day

Individuals who follow the New Beverly Hills Diet are allowed to eat one meal per day that combines proteins with carbs. Once they’ve eaten this combination meal, however, the rest of their meals for the day are supposed to consist of 80 percent protein. After this free meal, the dieters go back to separating their food groups.

The New Beverly Hills Diet includes large amounts of fruit, offering dieters many potential health benefits. People may lose weight on it, mostly because they are consuming fewer high-calorie foods. However, the idea that calories aren’t a major consideration may prove problematic for some dieters, especially those who opt to eat large amounts of calorie-dense carbs. Additionally, many dieters won’t consume enough protein on this diet, which may lead to the loss of muscle mass along with weight loss.


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