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With the holidays coming up, we’d probably all rather look less like Santa, and more like a cute elf. Preferably one without a muffin top and with a belly ring. If you’ve got a little more jiggle in the middle than you’d like, try out one of these hot new workouts that focus on the belly. Regardless of your style, you’ll find one that works for you. We were lucky to find two awesome workouts that couldn’t be more different, but give the same ab burning results.

CRUNCH has a scorching hot ‘Belly Butt and Thighs‘ workout from their Boot Camp series. This workout is a high velocity, super effective combo of cardio as well as muscle conditioning. The instructor, Teri Ann Krefting, is a very likable, as well as motivating, instructor. She’s not chatty, and she doesn’t tell cheesy jokes, which are ingredients for our favorite recipe of a repeat performance! This is one you can do over and over without having to dub the dialogue.

This is an approximately 41 minute workout that includes a warm up with refreshingly original moves, a post workout stretch, plus 4 boot camp workouts that last around 7 1/2 minutes each. Thighs and glutes are a major focus of the first three workouts. Ooooooh yeah, THIGHS. This is definitely a guarantee for spaghetti legs for newbies. a challenge for WATP lovers, and a solid workout for rainy day gym rats. If you are very overweight, have joint problems, or are just plain new at exercising, you can adapt to this workout with the low impact modifiers throughout the video.

CRUNCH Belly, Butt and Thighs Boot Camp has simple choreography, yet it is very fresh and fun. We weren’t blessed with rhythm, but we don’t need it for this workout. What we do need is a little floor space, and a towel to soak up all that sweat! This is definitely staying in the 3FC library.

For a complete 180, try Prevention Fitness Systems Better Belly Yoga. Instead of camouflage and techno music, we have Namaste, deep breathing and peaceful tunes. What a great way to sculpt the stomach area after a stressful day at work!

The instructor, Desiree Bartlett, is a natural in front of the camera. She leads us through 3 – 10 minute workouts, each one focused on a different part of the belly. This is also a multi dimensional DVD, with a beginner as well as an advanced modifier. The workout may be difficult for those with a very large belly or heavy legs, but with a little practice, strength will increase quickly.

We felt very trendy doing poses we were familiar with, such as Planks, Downward Facing Dog, Boat pose and Warrior pose, so we had to giggle when we got ‘windshield wipers’. Giggles turned to grunts, though, when we felt our abs getting the brunt of it! With the modifiers, this is also a great workout that will take each of us through our own quest for a Better Belly.


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