Need A Pilates Mat? A Buyers Guide

Pilates is a popular and fun physical fitness program that is growing in popularity around the world. To enjoy your Pilates workout, you will need a Pilates mat, a Pilates dvd, and any other Pilates equipment you want to try with your workouts.

Pilates is designed to balance, strengthen, and sculpt your body with posture and strengthening movements combined with breathing exercises. Winsor Pilates exercises are especially effective for losing weight.

Difference Between a Pilates mat and a Yoga Mat


A Pilates floor mat will provide safety and comfort when used with Pilates or Winsor Pilates. Good Pilates mats are one-half inch thick, which is thicker than most yoga mats. Pilates mats need to provide more padding from the floor for rolling exercises than yoga mats provide. Another difference between Pilates mats and yoga mats is that yoga mats are made with a sticky surface to prevent slipping. Pilates mats do not need to have a sticky surface.

Choosing a Pilates Mat

To make your Pilates workout as effective as possible, make sure you choose the right Pilates floor mat for you:

  • Pilates mats should also be made of foam that is firm enough to support balance exercises. Balance exercises are not as effective with soft mats that don’t provide enough support.
  • The size of Pilates mat that will work best for you will depend on your size. Make sure the mat you buy is long enough and wide enough for you. The size of typical Pilates mats range between 56 inches and 86 inches in length, and between 21 inches and 39 inches in width. If you want an even larger mat, you can buy folding mats that come as large as 4 feet by 8 feet.
  • If portability is important for you, a Pilates mat that rolls up would work best. You can find roll-up Pilates mats made of dense foam, or rubber with straps, that will keep the mat rolled up so you can carry it easily or stash it away in a closet.

Pilates mats are very affordable, and you can choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to suit your taste or match your décor. A Pilates mat is a must-have for anyone who wants to do Pilates at home or anywhere other than at a studio that provides Pilates mats.

Most Pilates studios will provide nice, padded Pilates mats. You are welcome to take your own Pilates mat to your Pilates studio or Pilates classes if you choose.


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