Myths and Facts: The Ab Rocker

The Ab Rocker is one of the latest machines that claims to give you rock hard abs and a full body workout in a very short period of time. An Ab Rocker is a very simple machine; it is a seat cushion with two arm handles. You sit on the seat and bend your arms to hold onto the handles. You then rock yourself back and forth, and this will simulate the motion of doing a sit up. The motion is slow and controlled and is said to work all of the abdominal muscles. 

This machine also has resistance bands that can be adjusted to increase the intensity of the workout. When your workout is complete, the Ab Rocker folds up flat for easy storage. The machine seems simple enough, and it seems as though the claims that are made about it are true; however, those claims may not reveal the whole truth.

Myth: You Will Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Fact: The Ab Rocker targets the abdominal muscles. These are the only muscles that will be worked so this is the only area that will build muscle. This machine is great for an abdominal workout, but will not do anything for any other part of the body. If this machine is the only exercise machine that is being used, there most likely will not be a whole lot of results seen. If there are results, they will be very slow and they will not be much.

Myth: The Ab Rocker Will Deliver Fat Burning Results in Only 5 Minutes a Day

Fact: No exercise machine will do anything worthwhile in only 5 minutes. Ab machines are not very effective generally for weight burn, so only working out for 5 minutes on this machine will not deliver results. It takes roughly 20 minutes for the body to begin the fat burning process and get the heart rate up, so only working out for a short period of time will not work.

Myth: The Ab Rocker Will Tone All the Muscles of the Abdominals

Fact: The design of the Ab Rocker was made to target the abdominal muscles. If this machine is done properly and done for a long period of time, the abdominal muscles will benefit. This workout needs to be done for at least 20 minutes a day and needs to be done a few times a week.

The Ab Rocker is a machine created to work the core muscles. This machine will only work those muscles. Even though the abdominal muscles are being targeted, an ab machine is not the best way to work the muscles. Also, the rest of the muscles are being left out. To get a good overall workout, cardio needs to be done to burn fat and calories, strength training needs to be done to build up the muscles, and a good diet and eating plan needs to be followed. An ab machine is a good place to start, but that machine will not give you the best results.


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