Myths and Facts of the Shake Weight

The Shake Weight is the newest fitness device sweeping the nation. Designed with a spring system to be shaken up and down, the 2.5 lb weight supposedly helps in toning your arms, chest, shoulders, and even your abs in just six minutes a day. It also claims to help with weight loss. It sounds amazing but the question is: Does it work as well as it claims? The manufacturer claims that by using the Shake Weight, you’re able to accomplish more reps per minute than when using traditional dumbbells. By speeding up the reps, it cuts the time you need to spend on weight training in more than half. Below are some of the truths and the falsehoods about the Shake Weight.

Myth: Gives the Same Results as Traditional Weights

The Shake Weight can help tone, but the movements are very restricting. Even though you will see some results in your arms and shoulders, you will see little to none in your chest and none at all in your abs unless you have the instructional DVD they sell alongside the Shake Weight–and still the results in those two areas will be minimal. The fact is that though this product will give you some results, it cannot give you the same results as traditional weights.

Myth: Helps to Lose Weight

Though it will help somewhat in eliminating that hanging skin under your arms, the diet and nutrition plan that you follow every day will play a much bigger role in losing weight. By watching what you eat, you’re much more likely to see a difference in your arms and the rest of your body. The fact is, without diet and a regular exercise routine that includes weights and cardio, you’re never going to see extreme results, period.

Myth: Results in Just 6 Minutes

With the restrictive movement and light weight, this just isn’t possible. No 2.5 lb weight that you shake up and down is going to give you the same results as individual free weights that are being used to target specific muscles. The Shake Weight also totally neglects your legs, glutes, back, and core. The Shake Weight works your whole arm at once, so you cannot focus on any particular muscle group at one time. Also, though the Shake Weight may show you initial results, your body will eventually adapt and the results will stop. With free weights you are able to vary the routine several different ways for one muscle, so your body is always progressing.

Fact: Adding Shake Weights Can Help You Warm Up

As previously stated above, the Shake Weight has a lot of hype to its name but that doesn’t mean the weight is totally useless. The Shake Weight does increase blood flow, which will help with stretching, recovery, and small amounts of toning.





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  • Joe

    People who say that the shake weight doesn’t work aren’t doing it right. People that actually workout regularly and correctly get a great pump from this method. It definitely tones and gives me a great pump (change hand position and watch your posture). And, if you don’t sweat while doing this, then you aren’t doing it right. Suggestion: get two of them.

  • Snowpea

    Jumping rope is a great workout, maybe Shake Weight is like jumping for the arms, lol

  • joe

    So the shake weight is a great working out tool. If you do it right you will get the burn in your arms and chest shoulders your looking for. of course you won’t look, like the guy using the shake weight just from the shake weight alone. Its kind of like a companion to all other upper body work outs. This shake weight will get you ripped and cut like it says but you will have to use for a while months and months to see any bulking from it and that’s if your the type of person who will shake harder and harder everytime you do it, if you don’t then yes you will Plato and you won’t see any more muscle growth, if you shake harder and longer everytime then you will see great results. Speaking from someone who has actually bought one and using it to this day. And I love it