Myths And Facts about Toning

Toning is an integral part of obtaining a sexy figure. Some women are thin, but have no muscle tone, leaving their arms, legs, and stomachs sagging in places. Fitness gurus recommend cardio and strengthening exercises to get the body you want. The strengthening exercises help increase your metabolism, and they can get you that toned body of your dreams. There are several myths and facts about toning, however, so it is important to sort out these out before beginning a toning regimen.


Myth #1: Doing more reps with less resistance will tone your body.

This is false. Your muscles will stay the same if you choose low resistance and never push them for results. Doing fewer reps with higher resistance will actually give you the results you are seeking. Muscles need to be trained, and if you keep working them out in the same way, your muscles will stay the same, just like your workout. Increase your resistance and push yourself even if it is only for a few reps each time.

Myth #2: You must work out for long periods of time to see results.

More time in the gym doesn’t necessarily mean better results. If you are not increasing your resistance on a consistent basis, you will not see any changes, regardless of how much time you are spending at the gym. Workout intensity is the key, not quantity of the workout. It is better to push yourself hard for 20 minutes at the gym than to do a mediocre workout for 60 minutes.


Fact #1: You must burn body fat as part of your toning process.

Body fat will get in the way of a toned body every time. To help get the definition you want, you must also burn body fat. The best way to burn body fat is through intense cardio exercise. Though you will burn calories through cardio no matter what time of the day you do it, early morning cardio will get you faster results.

Fact #2: A low calorie or low fat diet should not be part of your toning regimen.

Low fat and low calorie diets send your body into “starvation mode.” When this happens, your body begins to use the muscle you have for energy instead of burning the fat. Instead, eat sensibly, choosing fresh foods that are not processed. And do not starve yourself. Keep your calories in the range for your weight, and use cardio and strength training to burn the body fat.


Toning can best be achieved through a routine of cardio and strength training, but be sure to increase and change up your workouts on a regular basis to keep your metabolism from stalling. Changing your workout every 4-6 weeks will keep yielding great results. It will also keep you from tiring of the same old routines.


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