Muscle Weight Gain – The Positive Side Of Scale Increases

If you have increased your workouts and you have noticed a higher number on the scale, it is probably do to muscle weight gain. Muscle is heavier than fat, so as you tone up and build more muscle, and number of pounds you weigh is likely to increase. This type of weight gain due to muscle mass does not mean you are out of shape. The more fat you lose and the more muscle you gain, the healthier you will be and the better you will feel.

Muscle Increases Metabolism

Muscle also burns calories more quickly than fat, so your metabolism will speed up as you build more muscle. When you are replacing body fat with muscle, gaining a few pounds is actually a good thing.

Modify Your Workout Routines

To gain lean muscle mass, you’ll need regular workout routines with weights, machines or strengthening exercises. Your workout routines should be modified each time you work out to work different muscles (so your entire body will be balanced).

Muscles Require Recovery Time

If you are bodybuilding or weight lifting regularly, make sure you allow yourself enough recovery time between workouts. Working out with weights for about 45 minutes every other day is the ideal for gaining muscle. Low impact aerobic workouts, or cardio exercises and relaxation exercises, are healthy for you to do on your off days. The cardio exercises will help you to burn fat in between weight lifting workouts, which will help you build muscle. However, if gaining weight is your goal, you will want to limit your aerobic exercise.

Patience and Persistence Pay Off

If you are serious about gaining muscle, you need to be patient and persistent. It takes time to sculpt and tone your body. Most people need to work out with weights or strengthening exercises consistently over several weeks before they notice results. And once your body starts firming up, you absolutely have to keep working out regularly to stay in shape and keep your muscle.

A Balanced Diet Will Ensure Top Performance

It is also important to eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy products, beans and essential fats to achieve your healthy body weight. A combination of regular exercise and a balanced diet will help you reach your fitness goals. Most bodybuilders find that eating carbohydrates and protein before workouts helps them get the most out of their workouts. Eating protein shortly after a workout also helps muscles recover. Protein shakes are recommended for muscle recovery after workouts. If you are trying to gain weight, eat healthy snacks several times a day because your workouts will burn extra calories.

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids within 30 minutes after each workout to re-hydrate your body.  A sports nutritionist can make specific diet recommendations for you that will help you reach and maintain your ideal body weight.


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