Multivitamin Health Facts vs. Myths

Read the following multivitamin health facts if you are thinking of starting or stopping a multivitamin.  With all of the multivitamins on the market today, it is confusing as to what the difference is between each brand and whether or not you even need them.  Separate the myths from the facts:

Myth:  Multivitamins aren’t really necessary. You get everything you need from your diet.

Fact:  Your body does indeed benefit from taking a multivitamin.  While you should be getting the majority of your nutritional needs through food, a multivitamin will help to balance out what you may be missing from day to day.  Deciding to take a daily multivitamin will also help to prevent any vitamin deficiencies that may otherwise occur in your body. 

Myth:  A multivitamin is not useful in preventing health issues.

Fact:  A multivitamin can be extremely useful in preventing and aiding in the betterment of some health issues. For example, an insufficiency of vitamin D and calcium can raise the risk of osteoporosis significantly. Taking a multivitamin will counter that potential risk and will give the body what is needed to fight osteoporosis. 

Myth: You don’t need to take a multivitamin because you take a few single supplements to get what you need. 

Fact:  A multivitamin is actually the better choice because the vitamin manufacturers have taken the appropriate amount of each vitamin and combined a mixture that works together for optimum health.  Single vitamins also do not contain the necessary minerals that multivitamins do. 

Myth:  A pregnant woman does not need a special prenatal vitamin; she can continue taking her regular supplement.

Fact:  A pregnant woman’s body has special needs that are not fully met with just a regular vitamin. In fact, in some instances a doctor will even prescribe an extra dose of folic acid in addition to what is normally in a prenatal vitamin. 

It is actually best for any woman even thinking of becoming pregnant to start taking prenatal vitamins in order to increase folic acid in the body. This is extra assurance and will protect a developing fetus against brain and spinal cord defects. 

Myth:  Folic acid is only for women to worry about.

Fact:  The truth is that everyone needs folic acid to be included in their multivitamin.  It has been shown that a deficiency in folic acid and vitamin B6 can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. 

Myth:  When someone is sick, they can just double up on their multivitamin to get better quicker.

Fact:  It can be dangerous and even deadly to double up on multivitamins. 

The only amount of vitamins you should be taking is what is listed on the daily recommended dose of the vitamin package. Take caution when taking supplements to obtain the greatest benefits from vitamins.


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