More Than Legs: How to Tone Your Whole Body with Fitness Cycling

Fitness cycling is a great way to stay fit, keep your heart healthy and lose weight. Most fitness trainers and cycling coaches prefer a cycling technique known as spinning for maintaining an overall effective fitness cycling exercise regimen.

What Spinning Is

Most non-competitive cyclists ride with a pedal cadence of approximately one pedal revolution every one to one and a quarter seconds. However, fitness coaches and cycling coaches recommend a cycling pedal cadence of ninety revolutions per minute, or one pedal revolution approximately every forty seconds.

Benefits of Spinning

This cadence ensures that you reach and maintain both your target heart rate and anaerobic threshold as quickly as possible and that you stay there for the duration of your workout. You can tell that your anaerobic threshold has been reached when you are no longer able to hold a conversation easily during exercise and you begin to feel a slight burn in the muscles being worked. If you maintain your workout at your target heart rate, which is defined as ninety percent of your maximum allowable heart rate, and at your anaerobic threshold, you will burn more calories than if you ride a higher gear and use a slower cadence.

Tone Your Lower Back and Glutes

Buy a set of toe clips and practice using them. Push down hard on the down stroke with one foot as you pull up hard with the foot on the upswing. This will exercise muscles in your lower back and your gluteal muscles much more than just pushing down on the pedals does.

Exercise Abdominal Area Muscles

While riding and maintaining your spinning cadence of ninety revolutions per minute, take deep breaths and exhale completely. This exercises and tones the muscles in your abdominal cavity more than huffing and puffing does. This type of breathing rhythm takes practice to master, but over time it will become second nature while you’re exercising because you will notice a marked increase in the length of the workouts you’re capable of doing.

Tone Upper Arms, Shoulders and Upper Back Muscles

Most people aren’t aware that a thirty minute vigorous bike ride can exercise anything besides your lungs, heart and legs. Buy a set of turn down, ten speed style handlebars instead of the wide spread bars if you ride a mountain bike. Adjust the brake handles for optimal comfort when riding in the stoop position and start riding. Holding this position for an extended period of time while riding puts strain on all of the muscle groups mentioned above. Every ten minutes or so you can rest your muscles by coming up and resting your hands on the horizontal flat sections of your handlebars.

Dietary Considerations

Eat a high protein diet, sure, but stay away from the carbs as much as possible before you go cycling. Make sure your body can retain enough fluids during exercise to prevent dehydration by eating foods that are rich in potassium, like bananas, strawberries and cauliflower.



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