Milk: Is The Calcium Really Absorbable?

It is commonly believed that milk calcium is highly absorbable, however is not really a good source of absorbable calcium. It has been proven by many researchers that milk is not one of the richest sources of calcium, and it is very low on the list of sources of absorbable calcium.

Why is Milk Calcium Less Absorbable than Other Sources?

For calcium to be delivered to the bones, it needs other co-factors to allow for its absorption. These include magnesium, Vitamin D and phosphorus. Milk does have a small amount of these factors, which do assist in some calcium absorption, but many vegetables have higher levels of calcium and magnesium, making them great for absorption.

What are Good Sources of Absorbable Calcium?

Based on how calcium is absorbed in the body, the best way to get usable calcium is by eating collard greens, turnip greens and kale. These have much higher levels of absorbable calcium than the traditionally thought milk. Though you can gain some calcium from milk, it is recommended that you supplement dairy products with plenty of leafy green vegetables and other plant-based sources of calcium for the optimal absorption.


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