Milk Chocolate Truffle Healthy Alternatives

A milk chocolate truffle is a little round bite of rich sweet chocolate, often with a sugary filling. There is no denying that they are tasty, but there’s also no denying that they aren’t particularly healthy. Even a small milk chocolate truffle is loaded with sugar and fat. If you like the feel of a truffle but not the milk chocolate it’s usually made of, here are some alternatives.

Dark Chocolate Truffle

Dark chocolate is the most obvious substitute for milk chocolate in a truffle. The substitution makes a positive difference in your nutrition. Dark chocolate is regarded in many dietary circles as a health food, when eaten in moderation. Besides a satisfying mouth feel and flavor, dark chocolate is also lower in calories and higher in antioxidants than its milk counterpart.

Carob Truffles

Carob has a much maligned reputation as a chocolate substitute. This reputation is undeserved. Modern renderings of carob produce a rich, smooth chocolate experience without actually being chocolate. Carob truffles are easily made both gluten and dairy free, perfect for varying dietary needs. Carob is also more easily sweetened from natural, unrefined sources, such as acai, than chocolate.

Sorbet or Frozen Yogurt  “Truffles”

While not technically a truffle, these cute little party desserts deliciously imitate the real thing with a fraction of the calories. These truffles consist of small scoops of your favorite frozen desert, rolled in appropriate toppings. Pair lemon sorbet with a dusting of powdered sugar and graham crackers for a “lemon bar truffle.” Roll simple vanilla scoops in dark cocoa powder for the chocolate taste without the guilt. Use crushed pistachios, rainbow sprinkles or shredded fresh mint to create a “truffle” to perfectly compliment a meal or occasion.

Milk chocolate truffles do not have a monopoly on the bite sized dessert market. Use a little creativity and an adventurous spirit to widen your palette while slimming your thighs.


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