Michael Thurmond: Six Day Body Makeover: 4 Snack Ideas

The Six Day Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond is a weigh loss method that promises to trim down the body in a short period of time. Michael Thurmond is an “Extreme Team” member in a popular TV show called Extreme Makeover. The method does not focus on eating special meals, but on the process of learning how the body reacts to certain foods. This allows anyone to customize her meals to increase metabolism. The method also comes with an exercise program that is contained in the package. Below are 4 snack ideas that can help anyone increase metabolism and lose fat.

Hard Boiled Eggs

One of the most popular snacks even for the most serious dieters is hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamin E and other energy giving nutrients. Hard-boiled eggs are easy to carry around. They can be brought to the workplace, in school, and in recreational places. The egg can be eaten with or without the yolk. Take note that egg yolk contains a lot of nutrients including vitamins A, D and E, iron, calcium, and carotenoids.


Going to the movies? A healthy option for moviegoers and television fanatics alike is to snack on a bag of low fat popcorn. One of the reasons why couch potatoes get fat is because they eat a lot of snacks that are jam-packed with fats and calories. However, a bag of popcorn looks like a lot of snack, but it is very low in calories.


For dieters who are addicted to sweets, here’s one that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. One of the best healthy snacks for everybody is none other than the teacher’s favorite: the apple. An apple can be easily carried around and eaten anywhere at one’s convenience. Cut the apple into pieces and eat it raw. It can also be dipped into peanut butter. Apples fill the stomach with just the right amount of volume to make anyone eat less but feel full.


Another interesting snack that can leave you feeling full for a longer period of time is nuts. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, and every other kind of healthy nut are rich in energizing and muscle-building protein. They also contain essential fatty acids that help people lose fats on the abdominal area. When eating nuts, stay away from sugar coatings and salt. Eat them raw as much as possible in order to maximize weight loss. Carry around a bag of nuts anywhere in order to have something to munch on instead of buying unhealthy alternatives along the way.

To achieve a body makeover that Michael Thurmond promises, the secret is to stay committed to any weight lose program. Although there are a lot of methods to lose fat, it will not be successful if it is not taken seriously.


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