Metabolife is a dietary supplement originally created and sold by Metabolife Inc., a San Diego-based company. Founded in the 1990s by Michael Ellis, a former police officer, Metabolife Inc. sold the original Metabolife 356 (containing the herb Ephedra) as its most popular supplement and made a tremendous profit on the product. However, in 2004, the FDA banned all Ephedra-based supplements from the market and Metabolife, like many other companies, had to retool its product without the controversial herb.

The Premise: Like most diet pills, Metabolife boasts weight-loss the easy way. The herbal supplement claims to rev-up your metabolism by turning your body into a super fat burner. It also suppress you appetite so you feel less hungry, giving you a boost of energy and an overall feeling of well-being. By taking the pill before meals, as directed, you can lose weight without having to add strenuous exercise, give up the food you love, or battle the feeling of constant hunger.

The Diet:  Metabolife is strictly a dietary supplement and not linked to a healthy lifestyle that teaches nutrition or fitness. Without the controversial herb Ephedra, the Metabolife supplement relies on the products SuperCitrimax and garcinia cambogia to help the body metabolize larger amounts of fat.

Dieters are expected to use the product until their desired weight-loss is achieved. There is no maintenance program for users to benefit from after they stop using the product.

What to get excited about: For many people who struggle with hunger pains while dieting and feel they just can’t muster the effort necessary for more comprehensive weight-management programs, Metabolife is a no-pain approach to weight-loss. The program is comparatively very simple. The pill is supposed to do all of the work, and you simply need to take the product as directed.

Things to consider: The Metabolife company came under severe scrutiny for failing to reveal the possible links between the Ephedra-version of their product and serious side effects (even death). A congressional investigation found them “indifferent to the health of consumers.” Therefore, the integrity of the manufacturing and distributing company is in serious question. There is no product guarantee given for this supplement, and one would have to wonder if the company believes in the product. Finally, to date, there are no conclusive studies on humans that support the product’s claims of appetite suppression or fat-burning.

The Verdict:  The old adage, “you can’t get something for nothing,” is probably the case with this product. Even if someone could benefit from diet pills, Metabolife is not one of the more reasonably priced or effective products currently on the market. Most health care professionals will agree that a healthy diet and physical exercise should play a role in any effective weight-loss plan. If you’re interested in weight management that will last a lifetime, you need a program that offers more than a quick fix.


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