Metabolic Type & Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

They type of metabolism you have has a tremendous impact on your metabolic weight loss efforts. Human metabolism is how fast and efficiently your body burns the calories you eat daily. The science of categorizing how your specific body type produces energy from your food is known as metabolic typing.

Metabolic Typing: The Basics

All of the fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates you eat are best absorbed and used by your body’s cells at the ideal blood pH level of 7.46. If your blood pH falls below this level, the blood is too acidic, and above that level, the blood is too alkaline (base) to be at peak efficiency for converting food into usable energy.

All of the foods we eat have either an acidic or alkaline quality, and therefore will have different effects on different metabolic body types. The human body oxidizes fatty acids and glucose into energy in three ways: balanced, fast, or slow, giving you your metabolic body type.

Metabolic Type: Affects on Weight Loss

If your metabolic type is balanced, you are oxidizing fatty acids and glucose into energy efficiently. To loss weight, you want to concentrate on eating a balance of alkaline and acidic foods with each meal.

With an acidic body type or an alkaline body type, you are not efficiently burning food energy, and your resting metabolic rate will be lower than the balanced body type. To optimize weight loss, you should determine which of the metabolic body types you have. Then you need to understand the acidic/alkaline qualities of the foods that you eat.

If your body type is more alkaline, you need to eat meals that are more acidic, and if your body type is more acidic, you need to eat meals that are more alkaline to balance your blood pH.

To stimulate weight loss, it’s important to increase your body’s calorie burn so you’re using all of the calories you eat, and requiring your body to draw on its fat stores for additional fuel. That means boosting your metabolism.

Metabolic Weight loss: Tips for Boosting Your Body Type Metabolism

Metabolic weight loss, regardless of your body type, will include both diet and exercise components to boost your metabolism. When choosing a diet, keep your metabolic body type in mind, knowing that the foods you need to balance your blood pH and provide optimal fat burn may limit the diet programs from which you can choose.

A diet like the Mediterranean diet or the Best Life diet focuses on healthy living and nutrition. The only adjustments to make are to select higher quantities of the alkaline or acidic healthy foods at each meal, to tip your pH scale in the correct direction. Choosing a “metabolic type” diet eliminates the guess work.

If you’ve already chosen a diet for metabolism weight loss and want to add exercise, incorporate:

  • aerobic exercise (raises your heart rate and stimulates your circulatory and cardiovascular system)
  • muscle building exercise (weight lifting or resistance exercises)
  • lifestyle exercise tricks (daily activity, not considered workouts, to elevate energy demands)

Metabolic Syndrome: Affects on Weight loss

Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X) is an insensitivity to insulin that interferes with metabolism, and it can lead to chronic disease and obesity. While there is no link between metabolic syndrome and a certain metabolic type, anyone with grouping of the following symptoms may be at risk for metabolic syndrome:

  • high blood pressure
  • elevated triglycerides
  • fasting hyperglycemia
  • decreased HDL cholesterol
  • excessive waist fat

If you’re seeking weight loss solutions and have some of these symptoms, or are already diagnosed with Syndrome X, consult your doctor for specific diet advice and (if necessary) treatment for insulin resistance.


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    I started a 5 week program with MedShape Weightlose Clinic. The focus is on eating 4 meals a day that keeps your body in fat burning mode. I am wondering if you have any recipes in that type of focus. I am hungery and need recipes that will keep me on this weight loss program and recipes that are served cold that do not need the oven to prepare. It is WAAAY to hot here in AZ to turn the oven on. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it.
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