Mega T Green Tea Dietary Supplement

Mega T Green Tea dietary supplement is another brand of diet pills currently on the market.  The claim with this supplement is that you can lose up to 20 pounds “over a period of time with a diet plan” included.  A moderate exercise program is also recommended as part of the plan.    


The ingredients in this supplement include:

  • green tea, chromium
  • gotu kola
  • guarna 
  • eleuthero  


The main premise with the Mega T Green Tea diet pill is that these supplements will:

  • rev up your metabolism
  • increase energy levels
  • naturally curb your appetite
  • reduce food cravings


Mega T Green Tea diet pills are widely available online and at local stores, and they can be purchased for as little as $6.49 for a 30-day supply. This would last you approximately 15 days, as the daily recommended intake amount is two caplets.  There are other size packages available as well. 


Mega Green Tea has been shown to be an effective metabolism booster and natural energizer. There is some validity to weight loss claims, when used in conjunction with a healthy, low fat diet and an exercise program. 

Green tea also naturally contains lots of healthy antioxidants, so there are other benefits to giving it a try. However, green tea is naturally caffeinated, which could be an issue if you are sensitive to caffeine. 

If you do choose to take Mega T Green Tea supplements, take them in moderation, and always talk to your physician before you take any dietary supplements.


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