Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet is unlike a lot of other popular diets. This diet is based upon the lifestyle within the Mediterranean (particularly Crete, Greece), and it is not based upon any one theory or diet plan. The roots of the documented “Mediterranean Diet” can be traced back to the observations of Ancel Keys, who first began to write down foods common to the Mediterranean in 1945. This diet includes lots of nutritional food, and it is relatively easy to follow for those that enjoy cooking.

The Premise: Those that live within the Mediterranean tend to follow a diet that includes lots of seafood, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and the use of olive oil in place of butter or margarine.This (in addition to other factors such as exercise and genetics) contributes to the extra-long lives of Mediterranean people. Thus, those that follow a similar diet plan are apt to be healthier and live longer.

The Diet: There isn’t one particular plan to follow in order to begin the Mediterranean Diet. While there are plenty of books detailing the steps towards living the Mediterranean food lifestyle, the idea behind the diet is simply to consume healthier foods.

Dieters are encouraged to eat large amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and olive oil. Fish and dairy should be consumed in moderation, and meats should be consumed minimally.This diet does not include any fat source other than olive oil (and some dairy), which eliminates most types of North American cuisine.

What to Get Excited Over: This diet can easily change your life. The more that you begin to select foods common to the Mediterranean, the more that you will see positive diet results. This diet will teach you to eat healthier and live healthier.

Things to Consider:

  • Not vegan friendly
  • Excludes a lot of North American foods
  • Might require an adjustment period
  • Excludes most types of desserts

Verdict: The Mediterranean Diet is an excellent diet to follow. This diet has been praised by all kinds of medical experts, including the Mayo Clinic medical professionals. This is not a quick-fix diet, but it is a diet that will allow you to change the way that you view food. In essence, the Mediterranean Diet is all about discovering what foods will help you to feel better and lose weight the proper way.


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  • C Smith

    I think the mediterranean diet is fabulous. I recently bought the mediterranean diet book. I have lost about a stone in a month.
    Highly recommended.