Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Weight Loss

mayo clinic wellness solutions weight loss
Imagine if you were given a book by one of the most respected health organizations in America, which would guarantee good health and and help you lose weight. Now imagine you never had to read a word. Everything that you can imagine in a diet book has been brought to you in DVD format by the Mayo Clinic in conjunction with Gaiam. Even better, the DVD includes exercise and stress relief through yoga and meditation, so it’s like a book and fitness program in one. You get all this for less than $20!

The Mayo Clinic and Gaiam have teamed up to create a series of DVDs called Wellness Solutions. They are based on integrative medicine that combines conventional and alternative therapy options. The DVD series cover topics such as high blood pressure, insomnia, IBS, and heart health, and you can choose to purchase just the editions that you need. We chose the weight loss DVD and plan to purchase other editions because we liked this one so much.

The Weight Loss DVD includes helpful information by Dr. Donald Hensrud, M.D. and Dr. Amit Sood, M.D., both from the Mayo Clinic. The doctors explain the effects of obesity on our bodies and emotions. They discuss the causes of obesity and how our environment as well as our actions affect our weight. For example, we live in a new society where we’ve engineered physical activity out of our environment. We are surrounded by step saving, efficient transportation, computers, and remote controls. Dr. Hensrud quips “My favorite joke is not only having a remote control, but asking a child to go and get it for you.” Oh boy, can we relate! You’ll find many points in their discussion will hit home. Most of it involves common sense advice, such as eating more natural foods and increasing activity. But it really helps when you watch it all fall together as they have accomplished with this DVD.

After this discussion, Dr. Hensrud takes us to a grocery store and shares advice on shopping for the best foods. Then the Mayo Clinic dietitian, Cailie Fura, R.D. shows us how to eat better with the Mayo Clinic Pyramid. This diet plan is mostly plant based, and concentrates on higher quality foods. It’s a simple plan that is easy to follow.

We are taught that meditation to reduce stress is important for weight loss, because it helps us to control our emotions and become less likely to stress eat. Rodney Yee, a well known yoga instructor, guides us through a 10 minute meditation session that truly is relaxing.

mayo clinic wellness solutions weight lossOur favorite part of the DVD is the yoga session. This 20 minute yoga workout by Yee is different from any other yoga workout we’ve tried. It’s designed for any size, unlike most. It was easy to do, yet left us feeling energized and refreshed! We loved this yoga workout because they took great care to make sure anyone of size could follow along. Part of the workout involves using a chair to brace the body, as well as folded towels and yoga blocks. You can see from the image at the left how these props allow you to accomplish what you need to, and it’s just as effective as a conventional yoga routine!

Overall, we were impressed with the Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions for Weight Loss. The DVD lasts 98 minutes, including the meditation and yoga sessions which you’ll return to regularly. We learned a few things, and felt good after following the routines. We look forward to trying other DVDs in this series.

You can purchase this DVD online at Amazon.


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