Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox


The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox is a 21-day program that claims to help you lose 21 pounds in 21 days. This diet is popular among celebrities. In addition to weight loss, the plan also promises to deliver more energy, lower blood pressure, a sharper mind, and a body without toxins.

The Detox Plan

During the detox you have three plans to choose from, so you are able to choose one that best suits your lifestyle. There is a 2-day program, a 3-day program and the full 21-day detox.

During the 21-day detox you will consume mainly soups and juices. Then, during the course of the diet, you will gradually add in solid foods, such as oatmeal and stir-fry vegetables.

The detoxification can be done 21-days in a row or can be broken up into three separate weeks, or even weekends. 

The 21-day program requires you to drink fluids every two hours. During the day the fluids will consist of 40 to 48 ounces of water, 21 to 40 ounces of herbal tea, 16 ounces of homemade vegetable soup, and 32 ounces of “powdered green drink” in the form of vegetables, vegetable juices, or berry juice.

The creator of the diet promotes the health benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables and the negative consequences of eating processed foods like those containing high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and artificial sweeteners.

The Weight Loss Claims

The creator of the diet claims that your body becomes so overloaded with toxins making it physically impossible to lose weight by using traditional dieting methods. The Martha’s Vineyard Diet is a very low calorie diet. Because of eating mainly soups and juices during the detox you will lose weight.

The Pros of the Diet

  • Lose weight through natural detoxification
  • Nutritional value through many juices and soups
  • Soup is satisfying and tasteful
  • The cost is pricey (about $200). You also need to have a juicer, which can cost between $35 and $500.

The Cons of the Diet

  • Need to make juice every two hours
  • Cannot eat at restaurants during the detox

Nutrition of the Diet

This diet contains many recipes for different juices and soups. The juices and soups are made of fresh fruits and vegetables such as kale, spinach, cucumbers, ginger, collard greens, berries, lemons, and many more.


You are encouraged to exercise while on this diet, but that is a recommendation of any diet. Low-impact exercise like jumping on a mini trampoline for 20 minutes, walking a mile a day, jumping rope or yoga are recommended.

The overall concept of this diet is not unusual. Juice detox and other programs have been around for a number of years. If you have been dieting for some time and nothing has worked for you, this may be something for you to try if you are just looking for a fresh start.


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