Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox vs. Normal Detox

The Martha’s Vineyard diet detox is basically a liquid diet plan which consists of fresh vegetable soups, broths, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, berry drinks and herbal teas, along with herbal cleansing formulas and enzyme capsules. The normal detox diet is a very balanced form of dieting which includes organic foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, along with lean protein foods like skinless chicken, white fish and turkey breast.

Both Martha’s Vineyard diet and the detox diet aim at eliminating toxins from the body. Though these diet plans are geared towards weight loss and establishing good health, it is ideal to consider the pros and cons of these diet plans before choosing the appropriate one.

Weight Loss Duration

The Martha’s Vineyard diet plan helps in achieving rapid weight loss in a short period, i.e. 21 pounds in 21 days, whereas the normal detox diet guarantees 1 or 2 pounds lost per week. Gradual weight loss is highly recommended, because diet plans enabling rapid weight loss decrease muscle mass rather than achieving fat loss.

Essential Nutrients and Fatty Acids

The Martha’s Vineyard diet excludes essential nutrients and fatty acids, which are important for healthy living. The normal detox diet ensures that fatty acids and essential nutrients are a part of each meal plan.


Since the Martha’s Vineyard diet does not contain essential nutrients, it causes dehydration resulting in loss of strength and energy. Lack of fibrous and essential fatty acids causes poor absorption capacity as well. All these factors cause dieters either to quit the diet plan or shift to overeating, causing more weight gain.

The normal detox diet does not deprive the mind and the body of the dieters. It helps them to gradually eliminate foods such as beef, veal, diary, nuts, etc. by replacing with more organic foods and lean protein. This depends on the tolerance level of the dieters and thus results in gradual weight loss.

Diet Pace

Dieters following the Martha’s Vineyard diet are to shift to detox diet after completion of the short term plan. The diet pattern flows downstream from the severity of a liquid diet to gradual regulation to solid food. The normal detox flows upstream from the gradual elimination of low fatty foods, to the gradual shift to low carbohydrate and organic foods.

Healthy Eating Habits

The normal detox is a long term weight loss plan that enables dieters to gradually shift to a healthy kind of lifestyle. The Martha’s Vineyard diet is a short term diet plan that excites dieters to lose weight quickly with no guarantee to workable healthy eating patterns at a later stage.


Dieters find it stressful to follow the Martha’s Vineyard diet. It is cumbersome to follow the same kind of eating pattern in a consistent way. The normal detox diet does not require much change in lifestyle except for choosing different kind of oils (for cooking like grape seed oil or vigin oil) fruits and vegetables (organic) and lean protein foods.


Detoxification is possible through both kinds of diet patterns. But, the normal detox also recommends foods that cause detoxification, which is why organic foods are included. Though the Martha’s Vineyard diet includes all items that help in detoxification, there is no clear guidance for healthy maintenance.


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