Making Time to Exercise: 4 Tips for Busy Moms

Making time to exercise certainly becomes difficult when you become a busy mom. Since motherhood is clearly a full-time job, it becomes almost impossible for you to squeeze in sleep into your schedule – let alone a few minutes on the treadmill at the gym. Fortunately, looking after your kids does not have to stand in the way of your fitness. Here are some helpful exercise tips that you can use.

1. Look For a Gym with a Child Care Facility

More and more gyms and health centers are offering solutions for busy mothers who do not have time to hit the gym. Instead of leaving your child with a babysitter, you can look for a gym that offers daycare services. Most of these gym daycare centers accept kids of all ages – from babies to older kids. The kids’ clubs are usually equipped with toys, computer games, videos and other materials that will keep your child entertained while you exercise. So how do you avail this service? One option is to upgrade your gym membership to include child care. If you want to be more cost-efficient, you can also choose to pay the fee based only on the hours that your child spends in the daycare.

2. Take the Dog for a Stroll

Walking the dog may seem like a monotonous task but it’s actually a great opportunity to get some exercise with your kid and your pet. Taking the dog for a stroll not only involves plenty of brisk walking but also requires energy and effort so you can control your dog. Make sure you plan your walk according to the age and energy of your child. For instance, if you will be walking with your toddler then a short walk up and down the street will suffice. However, if you have an energetic seven-year-old by your side then you can take a stroll around the neighborhood while your child rides his bike alongside you.

3. Invest in Exercise Videos

The abundance of exercise DVDs in the market today also allows you to engage in a good workout without having to leave your house. Given the variety of exercise videos, you will surely find one that is suitable for your fitness level and preference. For instance, if you prefer a gentler and more subdued workout then you can probably choose videos on yoga or tai chi. If you want physical activity that is more energetic, then you can opt for aerobic exercises. When shopping for exercise videos, make sure you also consider the amount of space and exercise equipment you have at home.

4. Plan Family Activities

Family activities are the best way to combine fitness and quality time with your kids. Family activities not only help you lose weight and tone up but they also allow you to bond with your family. These activities can be as simple as playing tag in your backyard or as elaborate as a weekend hiking trip. Sports is also a great way to encourage your family to get fit together. Try basketball, baseball, tennis or any other games that you and your child might be interested in.


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