Making Sure Kids Get Enough Vegetables

When it comes to vegetables, it can be a lot easier said than done to get kids interested in them. In fact, most kids simply decide they don’t like specific fruits and veggies without even trying them. This is usually due to the way that these foods look or smell. The trick is to come up with some creative ways to get kids to eat their vegetables so they can learn how to eat a healthy, balanced meal at all times. Otherwise, your kids are prone to being overweight, sedentary and might even end up with specific health problems such as diabetes.

Disguise Them

You don’t have to go out of your way to disguise the vegetables in all the foods you prepare. But if you are making foods like soup, spaghetti or casseroles, it should be easy to get away with putting a few extra veggies in the meal. You can add corn and green beans to soups, or add spinach and mushrooms to spaghetti sauce. You can also try adding broccoli or bell peppers to casseroles. The trick is to add plenty of other ingredients so your kids won’t bother trying to distinguish every ingredient in the meal, they’ll simply taste it and like it, making them inclined to eat the entire thing.

Offer Incentives

There is no reason to bribe kids with money or toys in order to get them to eat their vegetables, but it never hurts to offer some easy incentives. For example, tell your kids that if they take at least three bites of everything on their plate at dinner, they can help choose and prepare dinner the next night. Another option is to serve up multiple kinds of veggies at meal time and tell the kids that if they choose just one to eat, they don’t have to even try the others.

Make Veggies Fun

Instead of serving vegetables the same way each time they are on the menu, consider coming up with fun ways for the entire family to try them. For example, try barbecuing slices of squash or putting tomatoes on sticks and roasting them in the oven.

Make the Rules

Don’t let your kids get away with dictating what vegetables they do and don’t want to try. Make house rules and stick with them. You should also make sure you serve vegetables with every meal so your kids get used to seeing and consuming them. Make sure everyone at the table knows that they don’t get to eat other foods until their vegetables are gone.

Another way to go about it is to simply sit there until your kids eat what they are supposed to eat. This can be time consuming, but well worth it. Because when your kids get the hang of eating vegetables it will be a habit they will take with them throughout their lives.


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