Makeup Tricks: How Beauty Products Can Reverse Aging

If you are an aging woman, then you know that simple makeup tricks to reverse aging are makeup miracles. Once the makeup trick is applied, check yourself out in the mirror and your smile will light up a room. Best of all, unlike going under the knife with plastic surgery, the makeup trick washes off when you want it to disappear and only returns when you decide.

Before talking about applying paint to palette, though, you need to get the palette ready. Makeup tricks are unworkable if the skin is not well prepared. For an aging woman, the key concern is usually dry, toneless skin with lines around the mouth and eyes. Here are some popular makeup tricks especially for you.

Skin Cream First

Whether your budget allows an expensive cream from Swiss labs or a drugstore cream, the requirement is to use a day moisturizing cream to help improve dry skin with poor tone and telltale creases and lines. Use a light day cream daily. Skin-care experts say day creams that have collagen are valuable. Collagen is said to firm up facial muscles and improve the appearance of fine lines.


A foundation on aging skin is a tricky affair. The more lines, the heavier the foundation required to cover them, right? Wrong. Choose a very light foundation. Pancake-type makeup after only minutes of application will make your skin look tired and “loose” in the skin folds. Avoid powder foundation, as it tends to accent, not conceal, wrinkles. Take only a small portion of the foundation and blend it right into your day moisturizer. Blend the foundation all over, including on your neck.

Blush or Bronze

A few dabs of a blusher or a bronzer will do. Choose something creamy or liquid, not powdered. The makeup rule for aging skin is to apply tricks that are attractive, not distracting. If you are unsure, forget the blush, bronzer and foundation. Use a tinted moisturizer for softness and healthy color instead.

Brow Technique

Older women may find that their eyebrows “disappear.” You may need renewed brow definition. Avoid hard pencils with that drawn-on look. Use a good eyebrow brush. Feather in the eyebrow lines with brow powder and gel. Choose a shade close to your hair color.

Eye Magic

Are you concerned liners make you look more like a vampire than a vamp? Take a dark eyeshadow in sable or dark brown/black, rather than a liner, and apply it with a brush as near as possible to the upper lashes. Apply it lightly to the lower lashes, from the middle of the bottom lid out. Next, take a Q-tip and smudge the bottom line.

Age-Defying Lips

Apply a lip primer before putting on lipstick and lip gloss. Aging lips tend towards dryness and lines that cause an uneven, smeared look when lipstick goes awry. Lip primers help to hold lip color in place and retain lip moisture. Use a lip gloss or petroleum jelly over the lipstick. The anti-aging magic trick with lipstick is not as much about the right shade as it is giving your lips moisture and smooth lines that won’t bleed or feather.


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