Makeup Tricks and Product Potions for a Slimming Look

Many people look for makeup tricks to help them to adjust their natural appearance in a number of ways. In fact, the purpose of makeup is to hide natural blemishes and undesired features while simultaneously enhancing beautiful ones to improve the overall appearance of the person who is being made up.

If you have a wide or a full face, there is nothing short of getting plastic surgery that can help you to narrow your face down. Certainly, if you’re overweight or obese, losing weight and achieving a healthy weight will help to change the shape of your face, but most women find that this is simply not enough to achieve the slimming look that they’re going for. This is where makeup tricks and product potions for a slimming look can come into play.

Enhance Other Features

One of the best ways to draw attention away from the width of your face and to make your face appear slimmer is to enhance your other features. If you have large eyes, bring them out with a darker, fuller mascara. If you have large lips, draw attention to them with a rich shade of lipstick. High cheekbones can also be brought out with specific makeup patterns as well. By enhancing these other features of your face, you’ll help to eliminate the tendency to see your face as wide.

Highlight and De-emphasize Appropriately

Highlighting the prominent features of your face, such as your brow bones and cheekbones, can help to make your face look slimmer. Additionally, you’ll want to darken the other features of your face to make them stand out by comparison. Look especially for parts of your face that tend to recede away from the center of your face. Limiting those features can help to reduce the tendency for the eye to look away from the center of your face, thereby effectively slimming out your face completely.

Make Your Hair Work For You

The shape and size of your hair can have a dramatic impact on the overall shape and size of your face as well, at least in terms of the appearance of your face to other people. If you keep your hair short and cropped, it’s more likely to emphasize the width and shape of your face as it naturally appears. Instead, consider keeping your hair a bit longer and using curls or bangs to help cover up the sides of your face. This will effectively mask the natural width of your face, giving you a cleaner, slimmer look.

Embrace Your Face

In many situations, it’s important to remember that a wider face can actually be a sign of beauty and an asset. Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural beauty, and be sure to think of ways that you can complement your face with the clothing that you wear and other elements of your appearance as well.


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