Maintaining Your Relationships after Weight Loss

Believe it or not, maintaining your relationships after weight loss can be a challenge for a few reasons. Losing weight is a big enough challenge on its own, but maintaining weight loss is a whole other story, especially while you’re surrounded by family and friends who are tempting you to stray from your diet. And, while you might be on top of the world and feeling your best, the people in your life might envy your new self confidence. Here’s some advice on how to maintain your new figure and your relationships.

Attending Social Events

In order to keep up with your friendships and remain social, you’ll be compelled to attend several birthday parties and other social festivities. While these events are tons of fun, they also present you with many opportunities to eat junk food, which you’re obviously trying to avoid to maintain your new body. What’s the solution? To stay at home? Heck no! You must stay strong and continue to exercise your willpower during these parties. If you get in the habit of indulging in brownies and margaritas at each social gathering you attend, your lost weight will quickly creep back.

Many times, you will meet up with friends at restaurants to socialize and catch up. While happy hour might be offering $2 beers, these are not part of your weight maintenance plan. During these times, it is crucial to refrain from high-calorie cocktails and threatening appetizers like nachos, fried calamari and white bread.

Dealing with Jealousy

Sometimes when your friends see you exercising your self control—even at happy hour—it only exemplifies the fact that they can’t. All you can do is ignore any snide remarks, and continue to implement your healthy habits. Don’t make a big deal out of your healthy decisions, don’t dominate the conversation by talking about your diet, and definitely don’t try to lecture your friends about calories and healthy eating. No one wants to hear a lecture—especially during happy hour!

Some of your friends and family members might outwardly express their jealousy, and you might even notice some of your relationships suffering. If you seem to be drifting apart from some important people in your life, be sure to reach out to them. Realize that some people may be dealing with personal insecurities, and out of respect downplay your confidence and don’t flaunt your body in their faces.

Offering Encouragement and Support

While a few people might not have the best reaction to your weight loss, you’ll find the majority of people in your life are genuinely happy for you. Expect to receive a lot of complements, and expect to have a lot of people come to you for advice. You’ll find that many people in your life may also be trying to lose weight, and they might be looking for some weight loss tips and encouragement. Be candid with them about the challenges and triumphs of weight loss, and provide them with the support they need.


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