Low Fat Office Snacks that Satisfy

It happens around 10 a.m. and again around 3 p.m. – your stomach begins to growl, and you’ve got the munchies. What are some office snacks that are low fat, yet will still satisfy you until that next meal?


Fruit makes a great snack choice – it’s sweet and low in calories. Add a bit of protein, like a peanut butter dipping sauce, to make the fruit “stick to your ribs” and stay with you longer. Fat-free yogurt is another good dipping choice for fruits. Bananas, apples, oranges, clementines, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches – choose your favorite fruit and bring a few pieces to the office each day. Store a paring knife or other implements you’ll need to access the fruit easily. You want to make it as easy to eat the fruit as it is to rip open a bag of cookies.


Nuts are the newest healthy snack food craze, and with good reason: they are full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are great for you, and they satisfy your appetite. Nuts are not low fat if you eat large quantities, so practice portion control. You have your choice of varieties, ranging from peanuts and almonds to cashews or macadamia nuts. Get a little nutty during snack time!


Veggies are healthy and low-fat. Their biggest drawback as a snack is that they often require some advance preparation. Who wants to peel veggies when you can rip open a candy bar? The key is to prepare some vegetables ahead of time and bring them to the office with you so that they will be easy to access when hunger calls.

Bring a bag of baby carrots to store in the office fridge. Cut up celery sticks and bring a jar of peanut butter to jazz them up.

Crackers, Popcorn, Rice Cakes

Chosen wisely, crackers can be a filling and healthy snack choice. It’s true that many crackers are full of fat and calories. However, there are new varieties available that are made from whole grains and have less calories. Bring a packet of tuna or a piece of low-fat cheese to top the crackers. The added bit of protein will help satisfy your hunger.

Popcorn (no butter, please – season with spices to add flavor) is another easy-to-eat snack that’s low in fat. Rice cakes satisfy as well when you’re craving a carb-type snack, and they come in a variety of flavors.

100-Calorie Packs

Everyone wants a convenient snack, and that’s why 100-calorie packs were invented. Purchase a few boxes of your favorite varieties of these snacks and keep them in a desk drawer. The beauty of them is the portion control:  each pack contains just 100 calories. Be aware, however, that 100 calories does not translate to a lot of food!

Snack wisely. Your body will appreciate it, and you’ll be glad to have saved more calories for the meals you eat later.


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