Low Carbohydrate/ High Protein Diet Plans & Tips

A balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, and fat in order to be effective for the health of the body. There are diets that suggest that if you increase your intake of proteins and lower your consumption of carbohydrates, you will lose weight. These low carbohydrate/high protein diets can cause problems if taken without proper consultation with a physician or dietician.

The physician or dietician will suggest a food plan that will give you the limits for each food group, along with the minimal requirements that are necessary for a balanced diet (that will give you the nutrition that is necessary for your body).

Tip 1: Do Not Go Overboard on Proteins

An excess of proteins and a dearth of carbohydrates can cause mood changes that can affect you and your social life. It is quite likely that the very fact that you are on a diet can cause you to become moody or short on patience. The low carbohydrate/high protein diet would just cause a further vitiating of your moods. Such diets also violate the guidelines suggested by the American Heart Association and agencies of the government of the United States, and an excess of protein can be harmful to your health.

Tip 2: Low Carbohydrates Can Cause Loss of Energy

When you go on a diet that reduces your carbohydrate intake, you should be aware that the body gets it energy mainly from carbohydrates. So this low carbohydrate diet may cause you to get tired easily, and therefore feel stressed out. You will definitely lose weight, but this loss of energy may force you to curtail your activities and change your lifestyle. This in turn may disrupt the weight loss process, as you would be expending less energy (and thus the absorption of the calories consumed).

Tip 3: Low Carbohydrates Can Affect Mental Alertness

There is also a chance that this low carbohydrate/high protein diet can affect the thinking process. So if your job needs mental alertness at all times, you should be well advised not to follow this diet too scrupulously.

Tip 4: Proteins Should Have a Low Fat Content

The best proteins are available from seafood, fish, and light meat poultry, as they have a very low fat content. Other proteins in the form of red meat and beef can contain a lot of fat, and may be considered unhealthy proteins. This fat content may negate your weight loss and bring to naught all your efforts to lose weight. 

Tip 5: Proteins Can Help Muscle Building

However, let’s not be too pessimistic about these low carb/high protein diets. They can help you to lose weight and maintain it in the long run. And since your muscles depend upon protein to build and repair, the presence of the proteins will help to tone up your muscles and give you the sculptured body that is much admired.

Tip 5: Fitness Program

Any weight loss program is best if it is properly coupled with a fitness program. Take the advice of your physician or trainer, and get yourself moving. Something as simple as a walk or a bike ride can do the trick.


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