Low Carb Diabetes Diet: Carb Counting Tools

If you are using a low carb diabetes diet to manage your diabetes, counting your carbs and keeping track on a daily basis can be difficult when you are getting started (or when eating foods out of the ordinary). Though estimates can work fairly well, they can also leave you with bouts of low and high blood sugar. If you want to get your carb counting correct, there are a few nice tools on the market that can help.

The Calorie King

The book “The Calorie King” offers a great list of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in hundreds of common and not-so-common foods. The most beneficial part of the book, though, is the fast food guide in the back that can be very helpful when eating on the go. Additionally, the book offers an online database tool for carbohydrate counting that is free to access.

EatSmart Digital Scale

Another easy-to-use tool is the EatSmart digital scale, which has a database of 999 common foods and will calculate carbohydrates automatically based on the weight of the food. This is most easily used when cooking at home, but makes a great tool to use anywhere. Once you become accustomed to using it, you will become much better at estimating carbohydrates while dining out.

iPhone CarbFinder

If you have an iPhone, a popular new application is the CarbFinde,r which has a database of over 7,000 different foods and provides carbohydrate and fiber measures for each. This has been highly rated by many diabetes patients for its ability to help monitor carbohydrate intake at any location.

If you are serious about tracking your carbohydrates for a low carbohydrate diabetes diet, try using a combination of these tools for optimum success. While tracking your food accurately with a scale, book, or app on the go, you can be sure to keep your blood sugar under control.



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