Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice

What’s green, lightly sweet, supposed to be bad for you but is surprisingly nutritious? If you’ve never tried jade rice, you’re in for a treat!

We used to think of rice as white or brown, with brown being the most nutritious, but for some reason the mass of white starch was always preferred by the masses. We recently discovered how good whole grain rice could be and that it went far beyond ‘brown’ and we fell in love with black rice, red rice, and exotic varieties from around the world. Brown was multi-colored and nutritionally superior in every way.
Lotus Foods Organic Jade Pearl Rice
Now we’ve found a white rice that just might give brown a run for the money. It’s not exactly white – it’s green! White, pearled rice has been infused with bamboo extract to give it a green color, a hint of vanilla flavor, and the scent of bamboo fields. This unique rice is known as bamboo rice or jade rice. This upgraded version of white rice is actually good for you! Lotus Foods offers an organic Jade Rice that contains a whopping 10 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, and a healthy dose of anti-oxidants in just one quarter cup of dry rice!

There are other brands of bamboo rice, but they’re not the same as the rice offered by Lotus Foods. We noticed other brands contain just 1 gram of fiber per serving. We then wondered if Lotus Foods had made an error on the label and their rice contained 1, not 10, grams as well. So we asked them! It turns out that Lotus Foods uses a patented form of bamboo extract called BamBoom! This newfangled extract delivers more punch – and fiber – per serving.

Even Lotus Foods offers two varieties of Jade Rice that differ in nutritional quality. Their conventional Jade Rice contains only 6 grams of fiber per serving, which is still a lot more than regular or other brands of jade rice – and it’s a tad bit cheaper. But the real gem is the organic Jade Rice they offer, which contains the full 10 grams of fiber per serving. In case you are wondering, it breaks down to 6 grams of soluble fiber and 4 grams of unsoluble fiber. As a bonus, bamboo extract is loaded with antioxidants which makes this rice even more appealing.

We tried it and it was love at first sight, smell, and taste! Bamboo rice has a very delicate scent that is described as walking through a field of bamboo. Since we’ve never walked through a field of bamboo, we’ll have to take thier word for it. The flavor is described as a hint of vanilla, but we’re not sure that’s accurate. It’s similar, but not to be mistaken with vanilla. The unique and very subtle flavor would be just as good with a hearty stir fry as it would be in a light rice pudding. We also like it straight from the pot without anything added to it. It cooks in just 20 minutes.

Lotus Foods Organic Jade Rice is a new staple in our pantry! You can buy it directly from Lotus Foods, and also from the Fresh Approach Diet Store.


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  • Mark Sumner

    I did a little research on Bamboo rice as I thought…”there is no white rice that I know of that contains 10 grams of fiber” Here is a link to the lotus site with their Nutritional panel for the Jade Pearl Bamboo rice. It does not list fiber at all.


    But it makes a killer Risotto…..

    Thought you might like to know.



  • Sabrina

    Sorry folks – Mark is right – see my email to the company below:

    My message:

    “The nutrition facts listed on the bulk bins at Whole Foods list your Organic Jade Pearl Rice as containing 10 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein per serving.

    However your website does not list any fiber and only 3 grams of protein.

    Which is correct please? Please explain the discrepancy as it would seem your high fiber/high protein display could be deemed as false advertising.”

    Their response:

    “Hi Sabrina,

    our website is correct. Which Whole Foods did you find the nutritional info at? I’ll make sure it’s corrected.

    When we began to source our rice locally from California, the nutritional info changed.

    Hope that helps, and sorry for any inconvenience,

    Julian Kingman”

    Still tasty – but definitely not a “health” food with no fiber and low protein.

  • Chiffonade

    Bamboo rice is one of the few “separate grain” rices I can actually prepare without it turning into joint compound. I had a bag of it from a specialty food shop in Michigan and am trying to find more online. I found it on amazon but the shipping costs more than the rice! Anyone know a good website where they don’t rake you over the coals on shipping – where I might find bamboo rice? TIA!

  • 3FC

    Chiffonade – if you look on Amazon for Amazon specific sales (which you purchase directly from Amazon), any order over $25 applies for free “super saver shipping”. I was able to find a 11 lbs. bag for the current price of $45.64. If that’s too much rice for you, then do searches for it. I was able to find a 15 oz. bag for $11.88 with reasonable shipping of $7.59. Prices on Amazon are always changing due to supply & demand, so don’t let that one incident ruin your perception of Amazon. Hope this helps!