Losing Weight With A Celebrity Diet And Workout

A celebrity diet is a common theme in the media, but do these diets really work? Celebrities seem to have the ability to quickly lose weight, and many people are curious about their secrets to great nutrition and fitness.

While there are some good ideas to be gained from celebrity diet and fitness, many of these people have access to trainers, nutritionists and lots of money that can all greatly help them lose the weight more easily than the average person.

Popular Celebrity Diets

There are many kinds of celebrity fitness diets that different celebrities subscribe to. The Atkins Diet, the Zone Diet and the South Beach Diet have all been popularized by celebrities. One key to these diets is that a particular food is eliminated from the diet (because they are viewed as harmful). Many of these diets are backed up by pseudo-scientific claims, but do not follow the scientific method to establish their validity.

The Problem with Fad Diets

Many scientists and nutritionists view these types of diets as lacking knowledge about basic scientific dietary facts. Though many of these diets have been known to produce results, they are often not following key steps and simple nutrition basics to ensure sustainable weight loss and optimal health.

Whoever the celebrity, it seems that many of those that have lost a lot of weight have done it through hard work and dieting. The Atkins, South Beach Diet and Zone Diet have been popular among celebrities, however, hitting the gym (for weight training and cardio workouts), along with the help of a trainer, is the surefire way to get your body toned and trim.



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    I’ve tried a few of those diets before but honestly, they’re just fad diets and once you’re done, you just bounce right back to your old weight!