Losing Weight On A High Carb Diet

Losing weight on a high carb diet seems almost impossible, being the way low carb diets are portrayed in the media. However, you have a better chance of losing and keeping weight off on a high carb diet than on a low carb one because you are not depriving your body of necessary nutrients. By following some simple nutrition guidelines, eating in moderation and getting a healthy amount of exercise, you can drop some weight and improve your health on a high carb diet. Here’s how:

Step 1: Determine an Eating Plan

Access the USDA Food Pyramid via the internet. Take a look at the recommended daily servings of each food group, noting the number of bread and grain servings. Begin to lay out a meal plan based on this information. Use the chart as a guide for which foods you should be eating on a daily basis. By cutting some fats out of your diet (instead of the carbs), you can lose more weight. Therefore, focus on which fats are healthiest, and think about what you can eliminate.

Step 2: Plan Your Meals

Start by creating a meal plan for one week. Use internet resources to build some menus that sound appealing, making sure to include lean proteins such as fish and beans, fruits and vegetables and whole grains as much as possible. You can eat up to 11 servings of grains and breads a day, but you will want a these to be whole grains whenever possible. Write down your meal plan and shop accordingly, to have the ingredients to make a week’s worth of dishes at a time.

Step 3: Cut Out Unnecessary Fats

It is very easy to eat a lot of “bad” fats if you don’t know what you should be avoiding. Start by cutting out as many of your processed foods as possible. Make the transition slowly so as not to shock your body and send you back into eating these foods. By eliminating many processed snack foods that contain trans and saturated fats, you can lose a lot more weight than eliminating carbs from your diet.

Step 4: Lower Your Sugar Intake

By cutting back on sugar in your diet, you will also see a significant drop in weight. Begin by eliminating soda and other sugary beverages and limit sweets. You do not have to cut sweets out of your diet entirely, but limiting them to just a couple times a week can make a big difference if you are used to eating several cookies or sweet snacks daily.

Step 5: Get Moving

Getting moderate exercise can help you lose weight on a high carb diet. Though you still have to follow a healthy eating plan, being active on a daily basis (be it taking the stairs at work, walking around the block a few times or taking a bike ride), moving around and getting your metabolism working will be very beneficial in helping you meet your weight loss goals.

You don’t have to cut breads and whole grains out of your diet in order to lose weight. You do need to eat in moderation and follow some guidelines for healthy eating, such as lowering your fat intake and eating lean proteins. Follow these steps on your high carb diet, and watch the weight come off and be sustainable for longer.


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