Lose Weight With Exercise And No Diet

Is it true that you can lose weight with just exercise and no diet? Exercise is unquestionably a great way to lose weight. Depending on how much body fat you are trying to lose, how much time you can commit to exercise and what your current dietary habits are, an exercise-only weight loss plan is possible.

Set a Goal for Your Weight Loss

Regardless of your weight loss goals, find out what a healthy weight for your body is. Set a goal for how much weight you’d like to lose and in what time frame. You may need to consult your doctor and/or a fitness instructor for guidance on how much exercise you’ll need weekly to achieve your goals.

Plan a Workout Schedule

Once your goals are set, plan a realistic exercise schedule that includes aerobic and strength training exercises to maximize fat and calorie burn. Be careful to give your body time to recover between workouts. Over-exercising can lead to injury and stall weight loss.

Eat Energy Rich Foods

A healthy diet is always best, but in place of a strict diet, do look for energy-rich, low-calorie foods that will fortify your workouts.

Before starting any exercise program, you should contact your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough to strenuously work out. Also, keep in mind that just because you exercise, you cannot eat whatever you want. You do not want to reverse all of your exercise efforts!


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