Lose Weight Swimming – How to Burn Fat

If you are looking for a way to lose weight and burn fat that isn’t high impact, you should try to lose weight swimming. Swimming is enjoyable and is a great way to shape up your body.

What Type of Swimming is Best for Weight Loss?

The fact is that swimming is only going to assist in the process of losing weight and burning fat when it is used as an aerobic activity. Simply going for a leisurely or relaxing swim is not going to work for weight loss; neither will getting into the pool and dog paddling in a pointless manner.

What will work for burning fat and weight loss is getting your heart rate up and your body moving, even under water. For instance, you can swim laps. Swimming laps is a great way to keep challenging your body. You can do this by keeping time of your laps and continually trying to beat your own time. Or, you can keep adding laps in order to challenge yourself further.

Another way to make swimming work for you and your weight loss plan is to take an aerobic swimming class or at least do the aerobics on your own. You can use floating ‘noodles’ to incorporate into your routine or other weight baring items to enhance the aerobics and fat burning and to assist in toning your muscles.

Who Benefits from Swimming for Weight Loss?

Anyone can benefit from water aerobics or lap swimming. However, swimming for fat burning and weight loss works extremely well for those that are obese, pregnant or injured. Swimming works well for this group of people because of the low impact that it has on joints. The stress to your body is lessened when you are exercising while under water.

For pregnant women that want to stay in shape, swimming helps to support the weight of the uterus during the late stages of pregnancy. For those that are obese, the water helps to support the body while saving the muscles and joints from stress injuries.

Keys to Losing Weight Through Swimming

There are a few things to be aware of when beginning a water exercise routine. The first thing is that swimming is not going to work for your weight loss or fat burning plan if you are not consistent. As with any body changing plan, the key is to do it regularly and often to gain the benefit. 

The second thing to be aware of when beginning a water aerobics program is to pay attention to your appetite and eating habits. It has been shown that people tend to have a bigger appetite after swimming, more so than other types of work out plans. Watching your diet will make a difference in your success. Maintaining a healthy eating program is always best to lose weight.

No matter how you go about losing weight and burning fat, always use common sense and start off slowly before building up speed or increasing time.


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