Lose Weight Fast with a Food Journal

Weight loss is a very hard thing to accomplish, and it requires dedication and motivation. With the help of a food journal, the chances of success with weight loss greatly increase. You will be able to see exactly what you are eating, and you will have the accountability that most of us need to reach our goals.


If you do not have someone or something to hold you accountable in your weight loss ventures, it is very easy to get off track and never go back. With a food journal, you write down everything you are eating and you can see what is going in your mouth. If you are not getting the results you are looking for, you can tweak your diet and what you are eating to get better results.

If you need help along the way, the journal can be shown to another person or even a trainer or a nutritionist to get another opinion on what to do. By keeping good track of what you are eating, they will be able to see exactly what is going on and help with your goals.

Write It Down

Write down everything as you are eating it. This will get you the most accurate accounting of what went into your mouth. If you wait until later, you might forget things and you will not be as specific as you need to be. Be sure to record everything that you eat and do it everyday. Even on days when you get off track, write it all down. Once you get back on track, you can look back and see what happened and make changes so that it does not happen again.

Be very precise when you are recording. Write down how much you ate of each item, where you were when you were eating, how you were feeling, who you were eating with–anything that you can think of. Also, write down if you exercised and what you did.  The more specific you are, the more you can learn about your eating habits and take the steps to change that negative behavior.

Cook at Home

Cooking food at home is the best way to keep yourself on track. This also helps with recording in your food journal. You will know exactly how much of each ingredient went into your meal, and you can accurately record these. You will be able to keep an eye on portion control and be able to record the properly as well.

As with any type of diet, there will be good days and there will be bad days. If a bad day occurs, do not stress. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can start over with recording. There are many studies that show that people who record what they eat into a food journal lose more weight than people who do not record. A food journal does not have to be anything fancy, but will be a great help in losing weight.


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