Lose Body Fat / Gain Muscle: 4 Helpful Exercises

Are you looking for ways to lose body fat? Are you looking for exercises that will help you lose stomach fat and lose back fat?  First, begin by adding some aerobic exercises into your routine, and then work your way up to some strength training exercises that will target certain trouble areas.

Exercise #1: Walking

Walking is the perfect aerobic exercise for everyone. It is perfect because you don’t have to be physically fit to perform it. You can also begin slowly, walking around your block a time or two. As you become more used to walking, you can increase both your intensity and the amount of time you walk.

Walking is beneficial to the body because it will burn calories, it will help muscle gain in your legs, and it will get your heart to beating faster (the reason why you burn the calories).  Once you get used to walking, you may want to add more aerobic type exercises to your routine such as biking, hiking, dancing, and taking part in team sports (since aerobic exercises are considered the fastest way to lose body fat). Aerobic exercises should be performed three days a week for at least thirty minutes.

Exercise #2: Leg Raises

Leg raises are a good strength training exercise to help you lose body fat, especially in your core (your stomach). As one begins to lose fat in their core, they are also building stronger muscles in that region, which in turn can make their backs stronger.

Leg raises can be performed on a bed or on the floor (preferably on a mat). Lie flat on your back. Slowly begin lifting one leg up towards the ceiling, pausing at knee level. Hold this pose for a count of five. Slowly lift back down toward the floor. Repeat 10 times and then switch legs. If you can, you should try for a set of two on each leg.

If you are all ready physically fit and used to exercising, you can try raising both feet in the air at once.

Exercise #3: Straight Leg Obliques

An exercise that can help you lose body fat, especially that fat that lies within your stomach obliques, is a straight leg oblique stretch. To do this exercise, you can again lie on your bed or on the floor (on a mat). Keep your legs straight. Slowly, raise both of your legs up into the air. Now twist both legs to your right side. Hold for a count of five. Twist to your left side. Hold for a count of five. Try to do this for a set of ten. Rest and repeat.

Exercise #4: The Windmill

The Windmill will help you lose body fat in your oblique and in your back. Stand upright. Keep your knees apart. Put your hands on your hips. Slowly, bend your body to your right side. Hold for a count of five. Return to starting position. Now bend your body to your left side. Hold for a count of five. Repeat ten times on each side. Rest. Try to do another set.

All of these exercises can be beneficial to helping you lose body fat. However, not one exercise can do it all. Try to incorporate many forms of exercise into your routine, especially aerobic exercise, which is the type that burns away the calories. You should also add more fruits and vegetables into your diet, while staying away from those fats that are not healthy.


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