Living With PCOS: 4 Foods To Avoid

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS (also referred to as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Polycystic Ovarian Disease, or Polycystic Ovary Disease), there are certain foods you can avoid to help relieve some of your symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, excessive facial or body hair, irregular menstrual cycles, skin problems, or sleep apnea.

PCOS is a metabolic disorder that affects 5 to 7.5% of women and is the number one cause of infertility. Women who have PCOS also have greater risk for endometrial cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Because insulin resistance has been linked as an underlying cause of PCOS, it is important for you to avoid foods that increase your body’s insulin resistance. Some health care practitioners even believe that changing your diet can reverse some of the effects of PCOS.

PCOS Diet Tips

Overall, a diet that is low in carbohydrates will help most overweight PCOS patients lose weight and lower their bmi (body mass index).Β  While 50 to 60 percent of women who are diagnosed with PCOS are obese, medical research has proven that decreasing PCOS patients’ body weight by 5 percent can decrease insulin levels, regulate menstrual cycles, and improve skin. However, the high insulin levels caused by PCOS make it more difficult for PCOS patients to lose weight-especially with common low-fat, high carbohydrate weight loss diets.

To reverse PCOS and lose weight, it is important to avoid the following foods that are known to increase insulin levels:

Food #1: Sweets

Refined sugar causes elevated levels of insulin. If you have PCOS, avoid desserts and candy because they contain large quantities of sugar.

Food #2: Soft Drinks

Sports drinks and soft drinks that have high sugar content will increase your insulin level. Avoid all drinks with added sugars.Β 

Food #3: White Bread

White bread also has a high glycemic index, which increases insulin levels. If you have PCOS, replace white breads with unprocessed, whole grains in moderation.

Food #4: White Rice

White rice should be replaced with brown rice or whole grain pastas, which have lower glycemic indexes. When possible, choose complex, unrefined carbohydrates instead of refined carbohydrates to decrease your insulin levels.

PCOS and Carbohydrates

Because high levels of insulin can worsen all the symptoms of PCOS, which can result in greater health risks, a low glycemic index diet is recommended. A diet that decreases your intake of carbohydrates to 40 percent or less is also recommended. It also helps to combine carbohydrates with proteins or healthy fats, and to eat small portions of carbohydrates throughout the day instead of all in one meal.

PCOS Remedy

Overall, a proper diet that can help obese PCOS patients lose weight and lower their insulin levels can potentially reverse the effects of PCOS. If medication is also required, your health care provider may prescribe Metformin, which is a popular and effective anti-diabetic drug. Be sure to talk with your doctor or health care practitioner about the best treatment plan for you.


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  • nina kiblin

    thank you so much for the helpful infromantion on pco and diets im going to try it. i was told that i had pcos 2-3 years ago and weight loss has been a huge problem. my doctors have tried diet pills and a pill called matformen ( its the same thing as gluavous) anyways thanks agin for the information.

    ~Nina L. Kiblin~

  • Hannah

    Hi, My name is Hannah and im 17 yrs old. I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 16. It all good and cheery that you’s are living with it, but your leaving out another important part of it. The part that makes it hard for me to live with. Its the darkening of skin around neck, armpits, inbetween breasts (which means i cant wear any clothes that i like) on the back and front of elbows, and pubic area. Your’e all lucky you dont have this side of PCOS. Its been stopping my entire life. I cant even wear my hair up when its hot because people say ‘ew you should wash ur neck’! I’ve been to the dermatologist and all they gave me was fading gel.. well ive been on it for a year now and its not working! No-one seems to mention this side of PCOS! I guess im one of the unlucky ones. Are there any natural remedies for this?

  • Jeni

    Hannah I have PCOS and dont have that nor have I read it to be a possible side effect. I have however, read the darkening of the skin as a side effect of diabetes.

  • riza

    hi?i am suffering right now PCOS and it was too much hard for me to balance my diet and to become pregnant. Me and my husband are planning to have a baby but unfortunately till now nothing!We are 2 years married and i took already therapy for six months i took metformin and control pills that time..But why till now my problem is still the same?What i will do?Please help me..

  • Donna


    From what I have learned in the past week of research, the darker spots on your skin are a result of insulin resistance which is another factor of PCOS. Talk to your doctor (not your dermatologist) about a fasting insulin blood test. It may be that you need to be on Metformin to counteract the insulin problems.

    I have had the same dark spots under my arms and under my breasts at different times in my life. They are darker at some times than others. Yours sound more extreme than mine and I would definitely talk to an ob/gyn about them. Hopefully you have a doctor who will listen to you and take your worry seriously.

  • sarah

    hi i found out when i was about 21 after getting married at 19 me an my husband tried for a baby but after no luck was referred for all sorts of tests thats when i found out i had pcos i have the irregual periods and facial hair etc we were told our best chances of onceiving would be ivf we saved for a yr an half an just before we had money for ivf me an my hubby dieted and 2 mths before we was going 2 start ivf process i had a massive shock i was pregnant my dream had come true i am now 29 an my son is 5yrs old and i want to have another but am finding it hard thats why im looking for help with what to avoid so fingers x i will be lucky again 2 every1 trying to concieve dont give up hope good luck>:

  • Desiree


    The dark spots on your skin are from insulin resistance. I have delt with them since I was about 14 or so. To add to your list, knees and knuckles for me as well. If it bends it is dark. I was teased unmercifully in school because of them. When I was diagnosed at 25 with PCOS, I was also told that I had diabetes. Both can be managed with metformin. After being placed on metformin it took almost 8 months for them to fade, but they did go away. I would definatly get tested for gloucose intolerence.

  • Tracey

    I have read on alot of sites that apple cidar vinegar is good for pcos. Anyone else herd of this? I read that it has alot of health benefits.

  • andrea

    Actually you are wrong.

    I’m 19 years old and I was just diagnosed with PCOS. Infact, they told me I had it when i was 15 but the doctor NEVER TOLD ME! anyway. I do have darkening of the skin, and infact, it is a side effect of PCOS. I have scars of boils on my chest, armpits, groin, stomach, FACE and everywhere! Hannah…… Be happy you dont have that!

  • Michelle

    I hav had the same problem I was 10 I think when i started my periods and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was trying to have a child when they was running all sorts of test to see what was wrong. Finally age of 20 I got diagnosed I am now 27 but just recently treated for it. I am on my 2nd week of Metformin to hopefully help me start my periods and get my hormone levels where they need to be. I also have the boils I get the on my inner thighs really really bad so bad that it has darkened my legs the inside that is close to my vagina that put a big damper on my sex life. I have been irregular all my life a period here and there. They only way it seemed like i would have one would be if the doctor done a procedure on my down there to see y I couldnt have kids I woud start and have a normal period for 3 months then would go away. i had my period if you want to call it that after 3 years in Sept 2010. The darkening of my neck is going away slowly as time goes by but I try to wash it regularly. Does anyone know how long the Metformin will take affect to have me start my periods I am on 1000mg a day.

  • Sabina

    Children are not in my immediate future but I hope to have them in about 3 years. I’m nervous since I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have the excessive hairgrowth and all that wonderful stuff. I’m fair skinned and have to shave everything everday. I am nervous about the vain stuff and the important aspects, like making sure I can even get pregnant. What freaks me out most though is being in the hospital and having facial stubble while having a baby! I also do not want a daughter for fear that I may pass on this horrible condition to her. I recently got married, my hubby has been very supportive, but I have been putting on a lot of weight. I am pretty short, 5ft even if you round up, and have added on about 20 lbs in the last year, which is insane for me. I see a endocrinologist but he does not seem esp. worried. Not only am I self conscious for the hair, but now I cannot fit in my clothes and have not changed anything in terms of diet or exercise. Thanks for this post though, I will try staying away from carbs.

  • Tifney

    Well i was diagnosed with PCOS when i was about 15…try being 15 with facial hair like a grown man talk about embarrassing…and just as many of you guys they gave me some cream that did not work at all and now at 26 i am still living with the facial hair and shaving daily i’ve learned to except the fact that it will prob never go away and i have a wonderful husband that understands 100%. Like so many other women i was told i prob could not have kids and that was very very hard, devastating even…..for many years i took that very hard and had many setbacks in my relationship because of it…. 5 years later into my realtionship and at 315lbs depressed and unhappy cause i couldn’t have what i wanted most in my life to be a mother…..i decided to lose some weight 55lbs lighter and as happy as ever I had what we call our little miracle at 23 i found out i was going to be a mom and all i could do was thank God….in disbelief i tried to figure out why? how? what did i do?…..well the weight loss put my body back on track and regulated it so to speak……and i had my miracle baby…and 11mths later i had my second miracle baby…..after all that hurting and deppression and everything i got my miracles… i hope i have helped someone know that it can happen and i hope it works for you too:)

  • faz

    I also suffer from pcos. I find it really hard to lose weight, I am intimidated by stuff that other people from my family eat, for example, chocolate, crisps, oily foods etc. only because I am from an Pakistani background my home food is all that stuff like sweets, oily fried foods. I am trying my best to cut down on this stuff but then after a few months start again I were at a weight of 22 stone then a long time at 19 stone now I am stuck on 17 stone so I have never been the normal teenager at my age. I hope someone could help me or guide me and if something works for me I will be letting you know. Thanks.

  • PK

    Dear Faz, I have been diagnosed wid PCOS for the past 3 yrs. Am 25 now and come from an Indian backgorund and can completely understand your family’s food habits. So what you can do is simply avoid White rice and pasta. Cook your own food if u can with switching to brown rice. Try n avoid fried n oily foodstuffs as and whenever u can. Eat mushrooms more and also take fenugreek seeds daily. Hope this helps.

  • hope faith

    well, in everything we give thanks to GOD.there is nothing above GOD, he is a great healer. trust in Him and have the faith while you take your medications. he is a faithful God. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

  • hope faith


  • Itwillhappen

    I believe that weight seems to be the main issue. I have always been hairy. Hair on my chin and side of my face, back, toes neck. I do shave my chin but use the excuse that it’s cos I’m dark haired as to why I have excess hair everywhere else. I used to shave everything then it took it’s toll. It makes u depressed thinking that u will have to shave ur whole body forever. Anyway I’m overweight as well, by about 4 stone. My periods are either non existent for a year or 2 then the flood gates open for sometimes up to 6 months. The pills i get (tranexamic acid) don’t always help but stop u from being so heavy. I eventually want to have children and at 30 my clock is ticking and it’s worrying thinking I might never be a mum. Anyway my point is about 3 years ago i lost 4 stone, the excess hair went, my depression went and my periods became more regular. Not what they should be but better. I have since put on 3 stone and everything has now come back. So ladies let’s loose the pounds and try and get rid of this disease that is controlling our lives. Summer x

  • komal sharma

    hi , i think pcos is the worst thing to happen to any woman as it has all the scary things we as women dont want to be ,like not being able to conceive,excess hair growth at all the wrong places like face,chest and tummy etc,gaining too much of wt and distorting ourselfs,facing problems in urination ,feeling bloated all the time and most fat just gathering on the tummy and hips smthing that women already hv a tendency for,abdominal pain and u name it……am a model and i hv to earn for myself and looking good and fit goes all the time to be in this line…am passing the marriagiable age line and at this time the last thing i want to know is that i hv pcos….my diet has always been healthy 70 percent of the time as i dont eat white bread,white rice,i dont even have a sweet took…i avoid roadside food and fried stuff and am a vegetarian…i do eat egg whites though…i eat brown bread a lot and red too….i guess its the wine which gave me this or rather stress…i must admit i do smoke cigerets too…i think its high time smone cms with a solution for pcod as its every womens nt mare …..untill that happens please please suggest me what foods to avoid and what to ad in my diet besides workouts to reverse this damn pcod….my life depends on this as am in the media and need to look good all the time….i cant go for a alternative career as i dint complete my studies and now know the importance of having a degree….wd appreciate ur reply….reguards komal…

  • Em

    Hi, my name’s Em & I’m 16-years-old. I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple months ago. Hannah, I really know how you feel. It’s hard being self-conscious of everything due to the skin side-effects of PCOS. I have scars all over my armpits, groin, inner-thighs, & even my stomach. & I still continue to get painful abcesses. I am terrified to even wear a tank-top. (Being obese doesn’t help either.) But I started using this stuff my mom got me called Terrasil. It seemed to really help with scarring. I reccomend it, I haven’t used it in a while, and I hear it’s somewhat expensive. But, it’s worth the shot. Don’t feel like you’re alone, Hannah, it makes me cry almost everyday just thinking that potentially I cannot have a normal life just due to the damn insecurities wrapped up in this disease. But we have to stay strong, because one day things will get better for all the women who have PCOS (young or old). Just take care of yourself.

    Peace & Love, Emjae.

  • Casy

    Im 17 and was diagnosed with pcos at the age of 16 I also have the excess hair, weight gain,and skin issues sometimes i feel so bad and embarrased because i can’t wear the clothes my age group wears right now i am over 300 pounds and i am finding it very hard to lose weight a couple of days ago i realized that one of the only ways to help my situaution is to change my diet and start exercising emjae and hannah since you guys are close to my age im mainly speaking to you i know if we work hard and have dedication we can change this

  • Tina

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS and low vitamin D and was misdiagnosed with hypothyroid for the last 3 years. I took Synthroid for 3 years and did nothing at all. I started taking vitamin D when I found out and it boosted up my energy level like crazy. I also ordered a month worth of ‘dietary supplements’ from Can I tell you that that was the best decision I ever made!!! My symptoms ranged from male pattern course hair, obesity, no periods, acne, etc. In 2 weeks I got my period normally which I had not had for the last almost 10 years. I lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks without working out. PLEASE LADIES!! IF YOU SUFFER FROM PCOS TAKE THE VITAMINS FROM THIS WEBSITE!! It is kind of alot of pills in one day but I promise you will cherish your health again!!

  • Julia

    im 15 and have been diagnosed with pcos, im not fat im quiet skinny but i have hot growing facial hair, dark skin especially around my mouth, my pimpls are just something i cannot come to look at in the mirror, hair on my head falls out like crazy and im just one of those lucky ones who also has been unfortunatly diagnosed with vitiligo. I come to terms were i have to face the symptoms from both pcos but and from my skin disorder, i have quiet large white patches all over my body, i am tanned witch makes them all but more obvious. I was put on the pill from that age of 14 but found out it was very risky for my age, i now am trying to fight this with natural herbs so that my body can fight this of naturally, but not to relie on drugs. Iv visit a natural path and she told me i should be quiet please with my results, and told me that as a growing woman, having your period is most important thing due to it disposing all toxins in your body witch casuse all of these symptoms we suffer. don’t be discouraged by how you look now because deppresion only makes pcos more agressive due to your body relising the wrong hormones. just remember once you pass these symptoms youll be more than please with yourself and overwellmed by how much better you fell.

  • Mo

    Hi all, I’m 29 just been diagnosed with PCOS. My husband and I have been trying to fall pregnant for nearly a year. I have irregular periods, mild acne of back of my neck and back and that’s all so I can’t really complain. I’m not overweight at all, have a healthy diet though could do a little more exercise! We are desperate to have a baby and are pretty upset. I’m booked in to see a gyno and naturopath in a fortnight but was hoping other readers could give me some hope from their experiences….

  • joh

    Hi mo

    im the same, i have pcos and want to have a baby, i had unprotected sex before finding out i had pcos for years and never fell pregnant, to control my hormone inbalance i have been on the pill, but now have come off it to try and fall pregnant, i have read alot of stories of people not being able to fall pregnant and i just dont know where to start, i have called the doctor and have an appointment. does anyone know the steps doctors take for example being referred to see someone else? i am about 2 and half stone over weight but am trying to eat more healthy and exercise.

  • Ke-Ke

    Hello.I have Pcos, I have the weight, darken skin, excessive hair, insulin resistance, and the irregular and sometimes absent periods. I read that fish oils help with the dark patches that pcos causes. I have been on them about 3 months now and I can tell a difference. It has not gone but its fading away, slowly but surely. I also started vitex, cod liver oil, garlic, gymnema (in the place of metformin), saw palmetto(excessive hair and high testosterone), change-o-life ( all the herbs in this is helpful when deal ing with pcos), milk thistle(for liver) and progesterone cream(I use this in the place of pervera, its alot safer and no side effects if you don’t over do it). I also take 2 tsp of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar in a 8 oz glass of water before each meal. It works like metformin without all the side effects. This is alot but I can really tell a difference and I am losing weight without much exercise besides walking 30 minutes a day. I am 25 and I am married to a wonderful man of 6 years, who is very understanding to my flaws that this disease causes; he makes me feel so beautiful. I thank GOD for him and give all the glory to him. I thank GOD so much for this situation could have been worse; God is so awesome, he is the reason we all are still sane after dealing with this. He is there for us, and he is a healer. Put God first and keep believing and watch him do something wonderful in all of our lives. You all are beautiful no matter what symptoms you may have. You are God’s children and greatly made. Keep your heads up beautiful ladies!!! Embrace who you are and who God made you to be; most of all embrace GOD, he is a healer and there is nothing impossible with GOD. I hope I helped someone. God bless you all!!!!

  • Renee

    I have dealt with pcos for about six years of being diagnosed and insuilin resistant, i am obese and trying hard to eat healthy, for what i eat i should be a toothpick but not, so frustrating. I am 37 and would love nothing more than a child before 40. I can’t take the metformin or actos so i wrote down what ke-ke wrote down and hope that it works, as far as the dark spots on the neck i use astingent with a cotton ball and it seems to lighten it and sometimes i will use noxema if going somewhere special.

  • mya

    hye…i’m mya….i’m 25 and not married yet. i have not been diagnosed with pcos yet….i havent gone to the doctor but i’m going soon….i have problem with weight loss..i have terrible growth of facial hair…i need to wax my leg, hand and i have hair at my upper lips, chin and also cheek every day. i have dark skin on my neck, armpit, breast, inner thigh and also knee cap. i have irregular period sometimes 2 to 3 days only. recently my period is late for 4 months. i’m scared to go to the doctor…but my mom promised me she will follow me…i think i have pcos…i’m going 2 get married soon and i’m afraid i might never get pregnant….all my life i’ve been thinking why i have this problem…if i’m diagnosed with pcos i will finally know…..

  • Emilia

    Though my heart saddens that there are other ladies out there who deal with the crap that I deal with everyday (shaving facial hair, overweight, infertility, dark skin patches, irregular periods, etc), my heart also lightens because it let’s me know I’m not alone. I am 19 and was diagnosed a year ago although I have known in my mind something was wrong since middle school. My mother was never supportive just saying, “It can’t be that bad!” And my husband is not critical of me, but not supportive either. The biggest thing I struggle with is not the symptoms, but just the emotional ups and downs of everything. It’s so hard, and reading your posts helps me. I’m not alone. Someone else understands. I also have to remember that God made each of us without flaw. And that is so hard to comprehend when you face the monster of PCOS. We are flawless. Plain and simple.

  • Ruthuja Nair

    I ve ve been suffering from pcos since i was a teen , i think i was 18 or 19, i wana get rid of all the weight,i reduce it,but i gain quickly,this time i m determined to loose my weight & maintain it, I wanted to knw that, is eating egg yolk bad for women with pcos ?plz tell me.

  • Candice

    I am 24years old and after suffering of constant abdominal pain for the past 9 months and being hospitalised twice because of this I was finally diagnosed yesterday with PCOS as well as endometriosis…I am married for 2 and a half years now and was planning to try for a baby this year but now as I understand it I will have problems with this…Its hard getting my head around this and trying to find a way to move forward…

  • jojodancer33

    Sometimes the dark spots or areas around your neck, under arms, breast etc.. could also be from skin rubbing together causing friction and discoloration. Being overweight, I notice how the skin at the bend of my forearm gets dark and rubbery looking. As soon as I lose weight, it goes away because the skin is now breathing. With the excess fat, the skin was rubbing together.

  • Lilly

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2005 when I and my husband started to plan a family. It took us 3 years before I was able to get pregnant. In 2008, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I was on Medformin all these years, which helping me with regulating my periods and ovulation. However, after my daughter was born I stopped Medformin, which was not a good idea. I developed cyst on my right ovary and had to have emergency surgery as cyst burst and I developed an infection. My right ovary along with the fallopian tube was removed. This is really hard for us as we were planning to try for another child soon. Doctor says that we might be able to have more kids, but they just recently find out that I have a cyst on my left ovary as well. I am back on Medformin now. Good luck to all of you ! πŸ™‚

  • angela cole

    hi am 31yrs found out in feb2011 i got pcos i also have half womb 1 fallopian & 2 ovaries the doctord told me i got 50% chance of getting pregnant & that i still can carry a child which is good.the only problem i got is am not ovalating took the 3mths course of clomid & had 3lots of blood test 2c if a ovalating they told me am ovalating a bit but on the low side i need 2b on the high side thats y i had 3lots of blood test b getting the results next mth they may double my dose,also with pcos i just have weight gain,mood swings & not so much ovalating so am hoping soon i will concieve getting fed up in waiting now the only thing that gets on me nerves is the weight gain on my stomuch am trying 2 lose it i get people asking me if am pregnant of which am not so anyway fingers cross i get there in the end : )

  • Nav

    Hi guys! I am 17 and I found out I have PCOS aout two months ago. I have the same problem as a lot of with the skin discoloration all over my body plus the hair problem (facial)!!! I am on the pill and Metaformin. Can someone tell what would be a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner for me? I tried avoiding carbs but it seems like everything has something in it that I’m not supposed to eat. I’m scared about the diabetes aspect of it and infertility (I know I’m young but when I grow older). Please help me with any tips you can. Thank you =)

  • janu

    Hi, iam suffering with PCOS and with Thyroid even for past 3yrs ii was diagonised with metaformin and thyroxin regularly doctor asked me to stop metaformin as my periods got regular for 6 months and after few months (i.e 3 months later) it again gone worse . iam married and iam lucky my husband understands me well. we are trying to conceive 4rm past 8 months iam on Siphene 50mg 4r a month and then to 100mg. i went for a ovulation test but they could not recognise the eggs properly. and tomorrow i have to go for another test.
    Please i request you to help me out iam really worried that i’l get a baby or not.
    GIve me suggestions even. my height is 6.9 and iam 76kg. i think iam over weight even.

  • ladymatsu

    I also have PCOS. I was put on Metformin and got incredibly sick. Do sick I was unable to function on the day to day. Did anyone else have this experience???

  • Girlie

    Hi Ladies,
    First of all thank your stars you were diagnosed early..I was diagnosed with PCOS late by the age of 35!The GP’s kept misdiagnosing my condition until I went to an endocrinologist. I was put on Metformin to control my blood sugar. I had the usual darkening of skin around the neck and underarms, recurrent fungal skin infections, abnormal facial hair growth and most important of all difficulty to conceive. Our option at this stage considering my age was IVF. On metformin the darkening faded a bit but still there. For me I look at the bigger picture…I have been diagnosed!!Now we can do something about it. There ‘s a few of us who are unfortunate to have the skin issues. Try vitamin E based creams. Ask your endocrinologist and dermatologist about laser treatments for facial hair and the darkening. Don’t worry too much about it…stress makes it all worse. Be happy in yourself and love yourself no matter what. Eat healthy and exercise well. God bless

  • Leah

    I wasn’t diagnosed until the age of 34 with PCOS and I’m terrified that such a late diagnoses will make it impossible for me to have children. I start metformin on Sunday (I like starting things at the beginning of the week.) My husband and I have been trying for seven months to have children and if I wouldn’t have been trying, I probably never would have been diagnosed. Of course I wouldn’t have cared. I have never been able to lose weight and I once went 18 months without a period. My periods are regular for me-anywhere between 25 and 40 days–and I do ovulate. I have the facial hair that’s worse than my husbands, acne still at the age of 34, and I couldn’t lose weight to save my life. It took me three months of exercising myself to exhaustion and starving myself to lose five pounds for my sister’s wedding. As long as metformin helps me lose weight I’m gonna be happy.

  • Hannah

    Hi, I am 23 years old and have just been diagnosed with pcos… im am extremely upset… and dont know what to think.. I have to go and meet with my Doc in two weeks to disguss it.. I am about 5 stone over weight.. have facial hair problems and irregular periods… I feel drained all the time… it would be nice to get in contact with someone who knows a bit about this syndrome as its all a bit new to me… I would love to lose weight and have been trying but nothing is working…x

  • Lizzy

    Hi, I am 30 yrs and have just been diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor prescribed metformin for me. He also adviced that i exercise more to loss weight although i dont look over weight. My doctor also said i need to eat healthy foods but my challenge is that i dont know what food is good to control my condition. I hope you can help me come up with a menu to help me.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  • michelle

    I was prescribed janumet, which has metformin in it as well as another medication that fixes what r livers do wrong. After 35 yrs of being overweight I finally lost the weight with just diet and exercise while taking janumet. Get a good endocrinologist, they will prescribe this.

  • narmeen

    hi to evry1….i am 21 and been sufferring with pcod i guess snce i was in 6th or 7th class…that time i had no idea what was wrng with me..i used to get periods only when i used to be very active like going for a camp with school etc…when i was in 11th grade my mom took me to a doc ..she tld me i was sufferring frm pcod or pcos..whatever we may call it…i had dark patches near my mouth ,abdomen bloated…she reccommended tests and all…i was on medi for a yea and i joined gym and a proper diet help me loose weight and i looked grt..aftr that i have been swtchng on and off frm medicnes..cauz its nt gud tkng dese medicnes for a verfy lng tym…is been 1 yr i am nt nt tkng medi…and i am gaing weight lyk anythng..i hav decided nw that i will fight it ..and wont get depressed…we all need to motivate to loose weight so that we can fight it…we cant just gve up…pcos dsnt go easily…and becze of this we will get other health prob….so whoever thnk it grt to team up and fighting it toghether …mail me on my id [email protected]…toghther we will make sme chnges in our etng habits and activites so that we can loose weight…tc..:)

  • Hend

    Hi my name is Hend and I was diagnosed with PCOS very recently. I’m 15 and the problems I have from PCOS are hair loss, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles, and I have ALOT of trouble losing weight. Diabetes also runs in my family so I am very likely to get it if I don’t handle my PCOS. My being overweight has tortured me for almost 5 years now and I just wanna look good for once. I’m taking the metaformin pills and I have tried many diets but when I try to get rid of all the carbs I get very strong cravings for the food that I should avoid if I have PCOS. I am getting very stressed from all of this and I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m very scared I might end up diabetic. I need some advice. From anyone.

  • Kaite

    I am 21, am not married, and not trying to conceive. I was officially diagnosed at 18, but I am sure I have had it since I was about 13.
    I have been on the glycemc index diet for about 5 months straight and have lost a solid 20lbs. I don’t exercise, but I work on my feet and I’m planning to add more exercise since the loss is slowing down.
    I did not have my periods naturally for all of my teen years, I just recently had 3 steady cycles without anything really, after eating this way.
    I am still severely overweight, but it really has helped my health by eating this way consistently.
    I also take metformin, once a day. I’m supposed to take 500mg/2x a day, but I noticed that the drop in blood sugar makes me hungry, so I take it once in the morning. Hopefully, I wont always have to take it. I also take a multivitamin, fish oil, b complex vitamin (since metformin causes this to drop), and recently started taking TRUE cinnamon (only found online, not sold in the U.S.) We use a certain kind of cinnamon here in the U.S. that has side effects by prolonged usage.
    Anyways, maybe this can help someone a bit. Again, the low G.I. diet has done wonders compared to anything else I have tried in my life.
    Don’t cut out all carbs!!! But you are choosing healthier ones!

  • nima

    hi guys,
    i was diagnosed with pcos when i was 22 and i was given medications to regulate my cycle.i always used to have frequent mestsural cycles. after i got married we didnt plan for kids right away but we do pyhscial every year as part of of good doing we live in US . i was diagonised to have hypothyroidsm and pcos. with god’s grace i was refrred by my friends to a good gyn.she was so nice and gave me metformin to start with even though my insulin resistance was very tough to diagonise in the test and then after three months i did not get we asked her to the next level which is clomid 50 mg and guess what the thrid month i got conceived and now i have a 18 month old boy and a normal delivery. Please sont giveup just find the right doc and follow the instructions per the say. i did regular excercise.i followed the diet very strictly even though its tough to avoid rice .all the best to everyone and now i am palnning for the second one and working on the same way. will keep posting….

  • Kayla

    Hi, I have the same symptoms. I have dark spots on my hands, elbows, armpits, neck, and by my vagina. Its very embarassing. I heard metformin will help remove the dark spots….do any of you know how fast metformin will work to remove the dark patches???

  • Jeanette

    Hello to all.. I am 26 and was just diagnosed today with PCOS.. i dont know much about it yet but i am searching for things that i can do to help myself.. i was put on Sronyx birth control pills that will hopefuly get me back regular again.. if anyone has suggestions on diets or anything else it would be greatly appreciated.

  • nancy

    I am 38 and I to have PCOS. I have had it for over 20 years now my only child who is 20 also have PCOS. I always trying to find the common area in us all, Yes we all get treated with the same drug? But what cause it? I think I have found the answer it’s just not about loosing weight, because most of us that have PCOS it’s harder for us to loose weight, so that leads us back to what I was saying eariler what is the cause, we have a common factor and that is our body is allergic to certain foods when we intake these foods our body don’t know how to break them down. It’s sugar,wheat,Sat fat all these food are so bad for us it’s not only bad it cause our body to react in away of having male hair all over our body also it hides most parts of us being a woman like having children. I am starting a glutin free diet also I know shop at whole foods which all their veggies and fruits are grown without any chemicals. I feel great I am in this now for 2 weeks I stop eatting out process food is so bad for us with PCOS. I am not including execrise yet because I want to see how my food reacts to the right foods in my body first. I also understand all fruits we can’t eat either, I am convince that the common thing we all have and how pcos starts is what we put in our body. without the metforman and other pcos drugs I have stop talking for almost 2 years now. I just believe it’s another way, and it start what we eat. I will post my results here at least give me a month until then read up on the foods you should be eathing with pcos…remember avoid sugar, wheat.

  • Catryna

    Hi so I went to the doctor’s today to get my test result. My doctor awhile ago said she thought I had PCOS. I’m 18 years old and just got diagnosed with it. I’s hard not to get down about it. I’m a little depressed about having it but I’m trying to make it seems like no big deal. I have literally almost all the symptoms except dark patches on my skin. For years I have had some of these symptoms and doctor’s never suspected anything with it. I haven’t had my period in over two years and every doctor just made it seem like no big deal. I knew there had to be something wrong and FINALLY i have came upon a doctor who said it’s not normal and has found the cause. She gave me prescription for metforman, I don’t know much about the pill but i recognized a lot of y’all are familiar with it. My huge concern is how i might not be able to have children due to this syndrome, I have always pictured myself with having a big family. I know it’s all in God’s hands but it’s hard dealing with this syndrome. If anyone could help give me advice on how to deal with having this syndrome. I would also like to become friends with women whom can relate to me as well.