Lipoban is one of the thousands of diet and fat burning pills on the market today claiming a quick, easy and effortless weight loss remedy.

The Premise

The claim of the makers of Lipoban is that the product is an all-natural dietary supplement that binds and absorbs fat.  The further claim is that this pill allows you to lose excess weight and inches from your body without any exercise plan. 

The Diet

Lipoban ingredients, as listed, are 500mg of pure and natural LipoSan Ultra Chitosan and mineral extract derived from shellfish.  Chitosan is basically a mixture of the skeletons of shrimp, crab and lobster.

What to Get Excited Over

There has been a connection shown between Chitosan supplements and the binding of fatty acids.  There has also been some evidence of weight loss by those who use this type of supplement in connection with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Things to Consider

The truth about the supplement Lipoban is that the company longer exists.  The creators and sellers of Lipoban are on trial in Florida for fraud.  The charges are all related to the sale of the product Lipoban. 


This diet is not recommended. As with any drug that boasts being a “miracle pill” without the complement of a proper diet or healthy exercise, use extreme caution. The reality is that there is no magic pill.  There are certainly products that have value and really do assist in weight loss and fat burning.  However, those supplements are viable only when used in conjunction with a nutritious eating plan and a smart exercise regime. 

According to Florida court records, the Lipoban Company received millions of dollars for their ineffective product. This money will probably never be recovered.   If you must spend money on diet supplements and really do feel like you need the assistance for a short time, be sure to research the company you are purchasing from.


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