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Sometimes it’s hard to find time to plan and cook a healthy menu, and make sure you stay on plan. Diet meal delivery programs make it easy to stay on plan no matter what obstacles you face. Everyone has heard of Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, but you probably haven’t heard of LeViv. LeViv is a new frozen diet meal delivery program that is very different from the others. It’s affordable, delicious, and is made from high quality ingredients. Sound good?

LeViv offers meals based on health goals, such as Healthy Living, Cardio, Men’s Health, Diabetes, and Kidney Health. Within these main plans are meals that feature specific nutrition goals for healthier lifestyles, and all are calorie controlled. Plans start at just $11 per day! But there’s a catch – You aren’t getting 3 meals a day, you’ll have to cook one of them yourself. You will get two meals and two snacks daily which is still a fantastic deal! LeViv offers menu suggestions and recipes for your third meal.

The meals are about the size of a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner, but the quality is miles ahead! The foods are all natural and are not made with artificial ingredients or preservatives. Even the chicken is free range and hormone free. You won’t find that from any other diet meal delivery service and very few supermarket brands. leviv

The provided meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but not all on the same day. You’ll chose either a breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, or breakfast and dinner each day. You fill in the missing meal yourself. Lunches include delicious soups and chunky vegetable chilis in shelf stable packaging. They come with delicious (and large!) crackers for a satisfying meal. You’ll also get a bottle of delicious honey flax salad dressing, so you can add salads on the side or as a main meal. Snacks include fruit bars, dried fruit, or more crackers.

LeViv is a monthly food plan which ships twice a month. Each shipment contains a wide variety of frozen meals, a box with shelf stable soups, and a box overflowing with crackers, dried fruit, and fruit bars.

Some of our breakfasts included french toast with strawberries and maple syrup, waffles with blueberries and maple syrup, and a breakfast wrap filled with corn, potatoes, egg whites, and fresh tomato salsa. All were delicious!

Dinners included meals such as black cod with almonds, green beans, wild mushrooms and teriyaki glaze. We also enjoyed miso salmon with sesame green beans, garlic and gingered black beans. We even had pizzettes piled high with spinach, roasted red peppers, and cheese. You’ll be served everything from enchiladas to ribs.

To learn more or to order LeViv, visit www.leviv.com


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