Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet, also referred to as a master cleanser diet, was first developed by Stanley Burroughs in 1976. Recently, the Lemonade Diet has gained additional attention due to the publication “Lose Weight, Have More Energy, and Be Happier in 10 Days” by Peter Glickman (2005). Even more recently, various celebrities have picked up on the fundamentals of the Lemonade Diet, which has placed the diet (once again) in the spotlight.

The Premise: This diet is more of a detox diet than a weight loss diet. Dieters must follow a strict regimen of lemonade, a salt water “flush,” and a special laxative tea. The end result of the Lemonade Diet is to rid the body of all toxins and unwanted fat stores.

The Diet: The Lemonade Diet can last from 10 to 40 days, depending upon the dieter’s wishes. The actual “meal plan” consists of cayenne pepper, Grade B maple syrup, and purified water. All of these ingredients are added to fresh squeezed lemon juice daily. The juice concoction is then consumed six to eight times per day, in place of regular breakfast and lunch foods. In addition, dieters can enjoy a salt-water drink along with their breakfast lemonade. During the evening hours, dieters are expected to flush out their systems with the help of a laxative tea, in place of dinner. Dieters should also get into the habit of drinking plenty of water during the diet, in order to avoid dehydration.

What To Get Excited Over: Detox diets are entirely effective when it comes to cleansing your body. If you are feeling tired, bloated, or simply out of sorts, then you might want to consider the Lemonade Diet.

Things to Consider:

  • Difficult to follow at first
  • Side effects (including headache, fatigue, and irritability) can occur
  • Lemonade Diet recipe must be followed exactly
  • Giving up solid food for ten days (minimum) can be a challenge
  • Not a permanent weight loss solution

Verdict: Many that attempt this diet do not get enough calories from the diet to function properly. If this diet is followed precisely, then it can be beneficial. However, this is one diet that is not recommended without the help of a qualified physician. If you are seeking permanent weight loss, this is not the diet for you. If you are seeking a bit of a cleanse, this diet may prove to be useful.


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  • Stacey E

    “Cleansing” really is a load of garbage. You have all of those internal organs that are there to do all of the “cleansing” you need. Greatly reducing your calorie intake and only taking in liquids is dangerous.
    You will only see results because your body will start to eat away at itself, or else you’ll lose water weight. Your body will start consuming its own muscle tissue when you stop feeding it.
    Women need to stop being so gullible. All this magic stuff doesn’t work.
    I would be extremely wary of a doctor that thinks it would be a good idea if you drank some magic lemonade for a week or more. That doctor should have his license revoked.