Lat Pull Down Machine Exercises: Narrow Grip Seated Row


A seated row is an exercise that you might be able to do on a modified lat pull down machine. The general method for a lat pull down and a seated row is very similar: the user is pulling a cable to direct weight plates. The difference is that for a seated row, the incoming cable moves in a horizontal direction, which means the lat pull down machine will need to accommodate a lateral pull.

Doing a Narrow Grip Seated Row

For a narrow grip seated row, put your two hands close together on the cabled bar and then pull in with both hands. You’ll feel the resistance of the weight plates against your activity. This simple action builds a variety of muscle groups including the same “lats” or latissimus dorsi muscles that you work with the classic lat pull down.

Exercise Benefits

Think about including these kinds of fixed weight machine exercises in your fitness schedule if you want to improve your general upper body capacity or work your core for better agility, poise, and strength. Find a few different fixed weight machine exercises and work them into your fitness schedule. Remember to start out with low weight loads for a better chance at avoiding injury. The seated row will help you build both limb and core strength for a lot of different uses in your everyday life, and it’s a common part of what trainers do at gyms to develop the whole body with a diversified approach.


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